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Unveiling Linea Entertainment Festival: A Showcase of Top-tier Games with Wonderful Gifts!

After the much-anticipated collaboration with Linea and Particle Network was formally announced, we are now delighted to present our forthcoming event – Linea Entertainment Festival with online & offline activities. Commencing on September 5th, 2023, this month-long gala is poised to be a landmark in the gaming calendar. We are uniting 30+ game projects on Linea, gathering 10+ media and community partners, bringing together 500,000 developers and enthusiasts from across the globe. With a rich array of prizes and activities on offer, the festival promises both excitement and innovation. 

We’d like to invite you to join this event. And here is an exclusive preview of the distinguished activities and highlights that await during this event.

Linea Entertainment Festival Details

On September 5th, 2023, we’re set to kick off the Linea Entertainment Festival alongside all gaming projects and enthusiasts. This event will unfold in two phases, each lasting two weeks, and will feature collaborations with multiple top-tier gaming projects on Linea.

During each phase, we’ll launch Communities in tandem with the participating projects of that phase, setting up a variety of on-chain and off-chain quests. Gaming aficionados can join these Communities, complete quests, and accumulate CPs to earn Token/NFT rewards from the projects. 

Additionally, we will host AMAs, inviting gaming projects to present their initiatives and discuss insights into the blockchain gaming industry. Concurrently, during the Korea Blockchain Week and Token2049, we will organize two offline side events centered on blockchain gaming. These events aim to introduce the Linea gaming ecosystem to blockchain game developers and enthusiasts, and to delve into the trajectory of the sector’s growth.

Ignite this Linea Gaming Summer

To make this Linea gaming summer sizzle, we’re ramping up the excitement with more prizes and thrills! Beyond the Token/NFT rewards from various projects, participants will also have the chance to enter raffles and win the following prizes:

Linea Gas Pass

Apple Vision Pro

Nintendo Switch

At the conclusion of the event, each eligible participating project will provide a list of their Top 1, 2-10 and 11-60 participants based on quest completion (all guys need to finish Linea Attestation Verax Certification when it launches). Among all participants in these lists, Linea will distribute their 100 Gas Passes (the NFT-as-a-wallet ERC6551, with $500 value of ETH pre-deposited in the paymaster) to each Top 1 from lists, and other lucky winners through a raffle. Also, Linea will provide Top 1-10 winners a discord role ‘Linea Top Gamer’, and the other 11-60 winners a discord role ‘Linea Pro Gamer’. And the best part? DeGame will pick 2 fortunate participants in a raffle from all eligible attendees to win our grand prizes: 1 Apple Vision Pro and 1 Nintendo Switch.

These rules above mean you can win more than 1 Top 1 spot, and the more lists you are in, the bigger chance you will get to win prizes.

Blockchain gaming enthusiasts, immerse yourself in the heat of the Linea Entertainment Festival and revel in this blazing summer!

For more details and how to participate, keep an eye on the Linea Entertainment Festival page on the DeGame official website. Stay updated with the latest on Communities and Quests. Looking forward to your participation and harvest!

Linea Entertainment Festival Schedule

Linea Entertainment Festival Phase 1

September 5th – 18th, 2023

Festival Quests

Online Event

Throughout Phase 1, 15 communities are divided into 2 groups, Group A and Group B. Complete all quests of at least 3 Communities in Group A, Earn CPs and Be the Top 60 in at least one Group B list, then you will be in the final raffle.


Online Event

We will host 3 AMAs with game teams participating in our festival to talk about Web3 gaming future and introduce their games. The first AMA will start at 21:00 (UTC+8) on September 6th, so stay tuned.

Linea Gaming Mixer 

Hosted by Particle Network and DeGame

Offline Event

September 5th, 14:00-18:00 (UTC+8)


Empowering the Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Hosted by Linea and DeGame

Offline Event

September 11th, 11:00-12:30 (UTC+8)


Linea Entertainment Festival Phase 2

September 25th – October 9th, 2023

Festival Quests

Online Event

The same as Phase 1, Complete all quests of at least 3 Communities in Group A, Earn CPs and Be the Top 60 in at least one Group B list.


We will host 3 AMAs with game teams participating in our festival to talk about Web3 gaming future and introduce their games. 


About Linea

Linea is an Ethereum equivalent zkEVM rollup network developed by Consensys. As an Ethereum Layer 2 solution, it enhances scalability, reduces transaction costs, and enables a seamless user experience. 

Linea is significant as it integrates over 100 protocols, developer tools, and dApps, thereby ushering a new era of scalable applications in the Ethereum ecosystem. With Linea, dApps get fast finality, capital-efficient bridging, Ethereum-level security, and EVM equivalence, allowing for seamless and efficient application development and usage. 

About Particle Network

Particle Network Particle Network is a leading provider of Web3 application development through their extensive range of plug-and-play solutions. Their offerings include Authentication, Wallet-as-a-Service, NFT solutions, Node RPC, and Data API Service. By partnering with many of the leading Web3 projects, they’ve achieved conversion rate increases from 15% to 95% and successfully onboarded millions of users into Web3.

About DeGame

DeGame DeGame is the world’s largest NFT gaming aggregation platform, collaborating with numerous guilds, blockchains, and thousands of gaming projects, offering the innovative DeGame Community feature serves as a guide and collaboration system, providing an all-encompassing, user-friendly, and customizable free automated task module to transform new users into loyal and engaged participants.