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Surge for Arbitrum’s crypto project: $57 million Treasury raise unveiled

The Arbitrum Crypto Foundation recently announced the transfer of 69 million unclaimed ARB tokens, equivalent to $57 million, into the Arbitrum DAO treasury. 

This decision represents a significantly different strategic choice than that made by its Ethereum Layer 2 competitor, Optimism, which opted to distribute unclaimed funds directly from the initial airdrop to eligible users.

Treasury of crypto Arbitrum DAO project boosted by $57 million in unclaimed Airdrop tokens

In a significant development within the cryptocurrency space, the Arbitrum Foundation recently announced a substantial infusion of $57 million in unclaimed airdrop tokens into the treasury of the Arbitrum DAO. 

This move, following a community-supported decision described in AIP-7, marks a marked departure from the approach taken by its Ethereum Layer 2 counterpart, Optimism. 

In this article we delve into the details of this noteworthy event and its implications for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Arbitrum’s Airdrop and unclaimed tokens

The Arbitrum project caused a stir in March when it launched its airdrop campaign, distributing as many as 1.16 billion ARB tokens. 

These tokens served both as a reward for early adopters of the Ethereum Layer 2 network and as a source of governance power within the Arbitrum DAO, which exercises authority over the Arbitrum One and Nova networks. 

The airdrop, representing 11.6 percent of Arbitrum’s total supply of 10 billion tokens, aimed to incentivize participation and empower users within the ecosystem.

Eligible recipients had a six-month period, culminating with the Ethereum blockchain 18208000 on Sept. 24, to apply for their ARB tokens. Despite the generous timeline, about 69 million ARB tokens, or 0.69 percent of the total supply, remained unclaimed when the deadline expired.

AIP-7: Redirecting unclaimed tokens to the Treasury

The community’s response to unclaimed tokens was critical. An almost unanimous vote within the community supported the immediate redirection of the 69 million unclaimed ARB tokens to the DAO Arbitrum treasury. 

This move contradicts the traditional path of housing such assets within time-locked smart contracts, where funds are restricted and accessible only under specific conditions or after a specified period.

As the Arbitrum Foundation stated on X (formerly Twitter):

“The 69,448,385 unclaimed ARB remaining in the token claim contract have been officially moved to the Arbitrum DAO treasury, as stated in AIP-7. 

It is not possible to claim these tokens anywhere. It is not possible to claim these tokens anywhere. Be careful out there.” 

This action signifies a commitment to strengthen treasury resources, potentially fueling further development and expansion of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

DAO Arbitrum’s current crypto treasury holdings

With the addition of unclaimed ARB tokens, the Arbitrum DAO treasury now boasts as much as 3.6 billion ARB tokens, which translates to a substantial valuation of $2.9 billion according to data from the chain. 

This injection of funds positions the treasury as a significant financial entity within the cryptocurrency landscape, with the potential to influence and support various projects and initiatives within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Market response and price movement

The market response to this development has been noteworthy. The price of the Arbitrum governance token initially declined slightly by about 1.5 percent, dropping briefly to $0.81 after the announcement. 

However, the token quickly recovered and is currently trading at $0.82, according to CoinGecko data. This price movement reflects the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, where significant events can trigger rapid fluctuations.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this development is the divergence in approach between Arbitrum and its Ethereum Layer 2 rival, Optimism. In a recent move, Optimism chose to directly distribute unclaimed funds from its inaugural airdrop, which took place in June 2022. 

About 49 million OP tokens, valued at $61.7 million, remained unclaimed from an airdrop of 215 million tokens totaling $271 million.

In addition, Optimism recently announced its third OP airdrop, awarding 19.4 million OP tokens, equivalent to $24 million, to 31,870 addresses. 

This strategic choice reflects Optimism’s commitment to distribute unclaimed tokens directly to eligible users, in contrast to Arbitrum’s decision to strengthen its treasury.

It is worth noting that both Arbitrum and Optimism have experienced a decline in average daily transaction volumes since the launch of Base, a Layer 2 network incubated by Coinbase in August. 

Base’s seven-day moving average of daily transactions reached an impressive 921,000 on Sept. 24, surpassing Arbitrum’s 603,000 and Optimism’s 334,000, according to data from The Block.


The transfer of $57 million in unclaimed ARB tokens to the Arbitrum DAO treasury represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem. 

This strategic move, backed by careful data analysis, was made by Arbitrum. This strategic move, supported by the community and described in AIP-7, indicates a commitment to strengthen treasury resources for future initiatives.

The contrasting strategies of Arbitrum and Optimism in handling unclaimed tokens shed light on the different approaches within the cryptocurrency space. 

As these Layer 2 solutions continue to evolve and adapt to changing dynamics, their ability to attract and retain users will play a crucial role in their long-term success.

In the ever-changing landscape of blockchain and Layer 2 solutions, Arbitrum DAO’s treasury push serves as a reminder of the resilience and innovation that define this growing industry. 

The cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits the implications of this decision, which will surely reverberate throughout the ecosystem in the months ahead.