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Is Cardano Finished? ADA Struggling Below $0.30. QUBE an Alternative?


InQubeta ($QUBE) is one of the best coins to invest in as its presale clears the $3.2 million milestone despite bearish attitudes dominating the cryptocurrency space. Cardano ($ADA) prices appeared poised for a bull run a week ago, but prices have dropped by over 2% since then, leaving investors frustrated as another potential bull run fails to materialize.

InQubeta takes on traditional investment firms by providing an easier-to-access alternative that doesn’t come with geographical or income restrictions. It aims to open up investments in artificial intelligence (AI) with its platform, advancing the technology’s progress.

InQubeta emerges as one of the best coins to invest in this year

The InQubeta presale has been one of the most profitable events in the cryptocurrency space since it started, offering investors who get in now up to 3x returns on their capital. Those who bought $QUBE during the presale’s beta stage are already close to doubling their investments.

$QUBE currently sells for $0.0133 during the presale’s fourth stage, and prices are set to jump to $0.0161 when it moves into its fifth stage. Tokens are set to launch at $0.0308 on exchanges when the presale ends.

InQubeta’s link to artificial intelligence has been one of the major factors driving the success of its presale. The technology’s viability has increased exponentially in the past decade and concepts that were once relegated to the sci-fi realm, like driverless taxi cabs, are now a reality.

President Joe Biden envisages AI will be more impactful than any other tech has been in the last 50 years, and many tech experts concur with that view. AI will likely be the most disruptive tech breakthrough in human history, and it will create opportunities for investors to earn considerable profits.

InQubeta is one of those opportunities, as its platform connects investors with AI startups.

An investment process powered by non-fungible tokens

NFTs (ERC20 coins) are the new stocks in the InQubeta ecosystem and perform the same duties. These tokens are created and sold by AI startups that have been approved by InQubeta’s operations team. Investors invest in AI startups by buying up their tokens on the NFT marketplace with $QUBE, which can be bought with fiat currencies or top crypto coins.

Users can track the value of all their investments in their user accounts and trade their tokens whenever they wish. Like stocks, these tokens will rise in value as the market share of their makers increases.

Investing directly in the InQubeta ecosystem

A 1.5 billion $QUBE supply cap and burn taxes promote long-term price growth, so investing directly in the ecosystem by acquiring and holding or staking $QUBE could bring tremendous profits, just like buying equity in AI startups can.

$QUBE prices could exceed $1 if its market capitalization ever reaches $1.5 billion. That’s virtually guaranteed, given the inventive way the project opens up AI investments and the 1.5 trillion influx of capital the AI industry is set to enjoy in the next several years. $QUBE tokens have the potential to be worth over $100 by 2030.

Cardano ($ADA) investors search for better options

Cardano’s downward spiral started with the 2022 market crash, and many investors are getting frustrated as prices find a way to trend downward even when bullish signals form. Cardano is back to trading at $0.24, which has consistently held up as a floor, but network activity has recently risen, with over 1,250 projects currently being developed on its network.

It’s too early to count Cardano out, but it might be prudent to recoup some of the losses its decline has caused by investing in more profitable projects like InQubeta before buying back in.


$QUBE is one of the best coins to invest in right now while the Cardano project’s struggles continue. The $QUBE presale sets those who join now up to 3x their capital before it ends and grow it by up to 10,000% once tokens launch on exchanges.

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