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Mark Zuckerberg’s quiet affection for Bitcoin: insights from a former Facebook executive

In a recent episode of the What Bitcoin Did podcast with Peter McCormack, David Marcus, former head of Facebook Libra project and now CEO and co-founder of Lightspark, sheds light on Mark Zuckerberg perspective on bitcoin. 

This revelation offers a fascinating insight into the tech giant’s interest in cryptocurrency.

Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg’s perspective on bitcoin

During the podcast, McCormack posed a curious question to Marcus, asking if Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, had any affinity with bitcoin. Marcus responded with a succinct statement: 

“Yes, yes, yes. He likes bitcoin”. 

This candid revelation provides a fascinating insight into Zuckerberg’s attitude towards the leading cryptocurrency.

While the discussion began with Zuckerberg’s appreciation of bitcoin, Marcus quickly moved on to the complexities of Facebook’s Libra project. 

He highlighted the difficulties of striking a balance between full decentralisation, scalability and solving volatility issues, all of which are fundamental to their vision.

This is not the first time that Mark Zuckerberg has been linked to bitcoin. In May 2021, the cryptocurrency community was abuzz with speculation when Zuckerberg introduced his two pet goats, “Bitcoin” and “Max”. 

Although this joking gesture did not directly indicate his investment in bitcoin, it sparked significant discussion on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Theories about Zuckerberg’s potential involvement in bitcoin proliferated on Twitter (now X), with some speculating that he would announce his first bitcoin acquisition. However, the announcement never materialised.

David Marcus’ Lightspark Initiative

Shifting the focus to his current initiative, Marcus shared information about Lightspark and its mission. Under his leadership, Lightspark aims to perfect the Lightning Network, address its limitations and improve its usability. 

Its innovations aim to simplify the Lightning Network’s channel-based mechanism, making it easier to create and maintain Lightning Network nodes.

Bitcoin’s appeal to technology visionaries

Often referred to as “digital gold”, bitcoin has attracted the attention of many technology visionaries and entrepreneurs. Its decentralised nature and ability to provide an alternative to traditional financial systems resonates with the ethos of many in the technology industry. 

As David Marcus pointed out, discussions of decentralisation and scalability are key considerations for projects such as Facebook’s Libra, and bitcoin’s role in this context becomes even more interesting.

The names of his pet goats, “Bitcoin” and “Max”, may seem like a joke on the surface, but they have sparked a wave of speculation in the crypto community. It is not uncommon for influential figures to use subtle gestures to signal their beliefs or allegiances. 

In this case, the goat’s name set off a Twitter storm, with analysts and enthusiasts offering different interpretations.

Of note is Anthony Pompliano’s suggestion that Mark Zuckerberg may be signalling an alignment with bitcoin maximalists. 

Bitcoin maximalists are proponents of bitcoin’s supremacy in the cryptocurrency space and advocate its widespread adoption. If Zuckerberg does indeed identify with this group, it could have implications for how Facebook views the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

On the other hand, Robert Leshner’s joking suggestion that Zuckerberg could “eat bitcoin max(imalists) for dinner” adds a touch of humour to the discussion. 

It underlines the ongoing debates and rivalries within the cryptocurrency community, where different currencies and ideologies vie for dominance.


David Marcus joining the Lightning Network with Lightspark demonstrates his continued commitment to innovation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

By focusing on the Lightning Network, Lightspark aims to address the challenges and limitations of this second-tier solution for Bitcoin, making it more accessible and efficient.

In conclusion, David Marcus’ revelation about Mark Zuckerberg’s appreciation for Bitcoin provides a unique perspective on the Facebook CEO’s interest in cryptocurrencies.

 Although Zuckerberg’s connection to Bitcoin remains subtle, it adds another layer to the ongoing discussion about the tech mogul’s stance on the ever-changing world of digital currencies.