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What’s Luring Uniswap and Shiba Inu Enthusiasts to RebelSatoshi’s Market Debut?


  • Uniswap gains more revenue following new 0.15% swap fee
  • The token burn rate for Shiba Inu continues to peak
  • 150% ROI expected in RebelSatoshi‘s presale

Uniswap (UNI) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) enthusiasts are delighted at the recent value jumps of their respective projects. The former has enjoyed more revenue after implementing a new swap fee. Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu network continues to ‘burn’ SHIB to preserve the token’s value.

Despite these developments, some enthusiasts have spotted the debut of the new meme coin, RebelSatoshi ($RBLZ). Let’s first look at the latest news for Uniswap and Shiba Inu before reviewing this project.

Uniswap Experiences Notable Increase In Revenue Following New 0.15% Fee

Uniswap, one of the leading DeFi companies, decided to implement a new 0.15% swap fee on pairs connected to 11 tokens starting October 17, 2023. This is on top of Uniswap’s standard fee, the motivation being to ‘sustainably fund’ their operations.

Although only some people are on board with the change, Uniswap has unsurprisingly experienced a massive revenue increase. According to Blockworks, Uniswap has made $764,000 since the new fee. In a testament to the project’s status as the best crypto to buy in DeFi, other platforms like Blur and Hashflow have proposals to implement additional fees.

Needless to say, more revenue equals more trading activity and higher prices on the chart. Uniswap is up 30% since October 18, 2023, from $3.83 to $4.97. Most predictions expect the price to hit a minimum of $7 before the end of 2023.

Shiba Inu’s Burn Rates Continue to Skyrocket

As a token with an unlimited supply, ‘burning’ has been vital for Shiba Inu. The Shibburn tool reports that roughly 259 billion SHIB was burned in seven days. At one point, the daily burn rate for Shiba Inu hit a massive 535%.

In less positive news, Binance will delist 23 margin trading pairs, some of which affect Shiba Inu. The market in question is SHIB/BUSD, a pairing between Shiba Inu and the exchange’s stablecoin. Yet, all is not lost, as Binance still controls much of the trading volume for the project.

Since October 19, 2023, SHIB is up 26%, moving from $0.00000661 to $0.00000832. Assuming the broader crypto market remains bullish, Shiba Inu may reach at least $0.000010 by 2024.

On the topic of meme coins, RebelSatoshi is the latest intriguing name set to take this market by storm.

RebelSatoshi Set To Become The Hottest New Meme Coin

RebelSatoshi looks to capitalize on the growth of meme coins, boasting a market cap of approximately $16.6 billion, according to CoinMarketCap. This project’s theme is rebellion inspired by the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto. RebelSatoshi champions the latter’s ambitions of challenging the centralized finance system and status quo.

Aside from upholding decentralization, unity is the other key element, as is often the case with meme culture. RebelSatoshi users will band together for a fun-filled purpose with the utility token, $RBLZ, which is the ticket to many rewarding activities.

RebelSatoshi is set to launch an NFT collection of 9,999 unique rebel-themed characters from Recusants to Warriors that holders can trade in an engaging marketplace. Staking is another incentive for users, as their contributions add more security to the network while, of course, providing them more tokens.

Unlike Shiba Inu, RebelSatoshi has a fixed supply of 250 million, equaling better tokenomics. Becoming a member of this ecosystem means owning $RBLZ, currently worth $0.010 in the Early Bird Round of RebelSatoshi‘s presale.

Join RebelSatoshi now, as the token is expected to reach a price of $0.025 with a 150% increase and making it one of the best cryptos to buy now.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via telegram (

Please note that the Discord and Telegram communities are for Recusants and $RBLZ holders only. 

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