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Crypto news and prices of SingularityNET (AGIX), Stellar (XLM) and HEX coins

What are the latest crypto news involving the coins SingularityNET (AGIX), Stellar (XLM) and HEX? Let’s take a closer look at current and future prices below. 

AGIX: technical analysis and bullish trend outlook

The AGIX token has recently shown potential to initiate a bullish trend by breaking above the daily resistance level. However, investors still need to pay attention to the support zone. 

In fact, careful monitoring of stop zones is essential.

Analyzing the daily technical chart of AGIX, we see that it is moving above the $0.285 resistance level. If AGIX closes daily above this resistance, it could aim to sustain a bullish move toward $0.34.

After closing above $0.285 resistance, spot buying in the support range between $0.2605 and $0.267 could be considered if it declines. 

If AGIX advances beyond this support range, its targets could extend to $0.34 and $0.37.

Also, for investments from the spot buying zone, the stop zone is defined with daily closes below the $0.245 level. A stop below $0.245 could hence indicate an extension of the downtrend toward the $0.21 support.

The awakening of Stellar (XLM): recovery and growth in the blockchain ecosystem

The blockchain protocol Stellar (XLM), known for its payment capabilities, has shown a remarkable recovery from previous lows, highlighting the community’s strength and resilience in the coin’s history. 

Currently, according to CoinMarketCap data, Stellar is up 4.3% to $0.122. 

However, it should be noted that Stellar’s rebound is not yet fully established, as the coin’s performance still shows some bearish trends in the previous week, with a decline of 4.99%.

We emphasize that Stellar takes a sound approach to sustain its ecosystem, differentiating itself from many crypto projects that implement “burn” campaigns and other deflationary tokenomics. 

In contrast, Stellar relies primarily on its utility to drive demand for XLM and subsequent price increases.

Stellar’s significant achievements during the year, focused primarily on its role as a payment alternative, include a partnership with Moneygram International, a fintech company. 

This partnership, announced in September, aims to enhance cryptocurrency payment capabilities through the creation of a crypto wallet. 

The Stellar Foundation also made a strategic investment in Moneygram, earning a seat on the company’s board of directors.

In addition, over the past year, Stellar has expanded its presence on key platforms, such as Robinhood, increasing its overall accessibility to users.

The price of crypto HEX: how it compares to AGIX and Stellar 

In recent times, the value of crypto HEX has experienced intense bullish sentiment, drawing buyers’ attention near immediate resistance levels. 

This positive momentum has been fueled by the steady upward trajectory in recent weeks, following the restoration of the market’s “Uptober” trend. 

Crossing the $0.004 threshold, HEX generated significant buying momentum, manifesting itself in an exponential rise. 

Previously, the market was heavily influenced by the decline in investor interest and fake news about ETFs, causing the price of HEX to consolidate in a bearish region. 

Moreover, recently, the price also faced intense buying pressure, breaking through various resistance levels after Bitcoin’s bullish surge above $35.

We see that technical assessment suggests that the current bullish momentum may soon taper off as bears try to turn the tide of the next resistance at $0.012

However, bulls are struggling to prevent the price from falling below the $0.005 support level. 

The price of HEX is expected to try to break through the 23.6% Fibonacci level to reach short-term bullish targets of around $0.01. 

Should the bears fail to push the price below the current Fibonacci region at $0.038, a bullish outlook could emerge for the future.

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