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Dogecoin and Uniswap Investors Flock to Rebel Satoshi for Exceptional Gains


  • Uniswap targeted in $2 million exploit phishing scam
  • Dogecoin-Coinbase sweepstakes legal battle is now with the U.S. Supreme Court
  • The new Rebel Satoshi shines through in meme coins with a unique offering

The new Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) meme coin has attracted Dogecoin (DOGE) and Uniswap (UNI) investors for different reasons. It’s a unique project celebrating legendary figures’ rebelliousness, financial rewards, and meme culture. 

Stay put in this article to learn more about RebelSatoshi later. Let’s first look at the trending news for Dogecoin and Uniswap.

Dogecoin-Coinbase Sweepstakes Legal Case Heads To Supreme Court

Coinbase is currently involved in a Dogecoin class action lawsuit, which is now with the U.S. Supreme Court. It stems from the company’s $1.2 million ‘Trade Doge, Win Doge’ sweepstakes promotion in June 2021.

The plaintiffs believe that the exchange didn’t say that users could enter the giveaway without having to trade at least $100 worth of DOGE. They also claim that Coinbase deliberately hid a free entry option with mail-in methods.

Fortunately, DOGE is unaffected by this news on the charts, proving one of the best cryptos to buy now. The price has been up 27% since October 09, 2023, and is now worth $0.074 from $0.057. Forecasts hint that DOGE could be worth at least $0.10 by 2024, hitting a minimum yearly peak of $0.20.

Uniswap Denies $2M Exploit Rumours Amid Phishing Scam

Uniswap, one of the top DeFi projects, was recently targeted in a phishing scam. Scammers spread misinformation that one of the exchange’s wallets lost $2 million in ETH, which founder Hayden Adams refuted.

The perpetrators tricked users into clicking a link for ‘approval revocation’ seemingly from ZachXBT and CertiK, two legit crypto companies. The scam even resulted in a hashtag trend for Uniswap in the US.

Still, the UNI price remains in an upbeat scenario, up 36% since October 19, 2023, from $3.83 to $5.21. According to predictions, 2024 could see UNI trading at a minimum of $10, reaching at least $25 by the end.

Let us wrap up this news piece by observing the buzz in Rebel Satoshi and how it can benefit your crypto holdings!

RebelSatoshi Brings Something Unique To Meme Coins 

Meme coins based around Shiba Inu and Doge are overdone. RebelSatoshi is bringing something unique – a meme crypto inspired by the defiant figures of Satoshi Nakamoto and Guy Fawkes.

Nakamoto represents the idea that anyone can rebel against the central financial system. Meanwhile, Fawkes signifies resistance against oppressive elites. The project combines both spirits while demonstrating unity and decentralization.

Early adopters will be in the Rebellion Secret Council, accessing insider project updates and power in plotting the direction of RebelSatoshi. Also, members can have their best rebel-themed memes recognized by the community in the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame.

As with the best DeFi projects, staking is necessary to increase liquidity and uphold blockchain security. This is available on Rebel Satoshi by ‘locking up’ the $RBLZ utility token and earning passive income. $RBLZ also gains you entry into the Rebel Artefacts Vault, a marketplace of unique tradeable nearly 10,000 collectibles and digital art characters.

Buyers can own $RBLZ for $0.010 in the Early Bird Round of Rebel Satoshi‘s presale. The token is expected to trade at $0.025 when the project launches, meaning a massive 150% return!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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