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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Everlodge: Three Cryptos In The Portfolio of Top of Whales and Analysts


Bitcoin (BTC) saw a massive increase in its value during the past month, and with the upcoming hype surrounding Crypto ETFs from numerous companies, a major crypto analyst projected a 600% climb in its value. Ethereum (ETH) saw massive accumulation from crypto whales, and as a result, the crypto could also see a significant increase in its value. 

Everlodge (ELDG) is also a favorite among enthusiasts, as the platform targets the $280 trillion dollar real estate market, and even if it captures a small percentage of it, it can be worth millions. Today, we explore why these cryptos are favored for Q4 of 2023.


  • Bitcoin to jump 600% in value to $265,000 based on major analyst
  • Ethereum to see a price increase to  $2,992.50 by the start of 2024
  • Everlodge will enter a $4.548 trillion industry and become a major player 

Bitcoin (BTC) to Surge 600% Based on Analyst Projection

Bitcoin (BTC) saw a massive increase in its value during the month, following multiple Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) applications from different companies. The hype surrounding this move sent the Bitcoin crypto price up from $35,266.34 to $37,903.66.

The crypto saw a total price upswing of 23.8% during the past month, and now, the Bitcoin market cap is at $720,904,987,444.

Prominent crypto analyst CryptoRUs, who has 672,000 subscribers, shared a video on YouTube, noting how his Bitcoin price prediction puts its value at $265,000, as it can spike by 600% in value. This will be fueled by the ETFs and growing market interest.

Ethereum (ETH) Sees Massive Accumulation by Whales

Ethereum (ETH) also showcased similar bullish performance during the past week. The crypto increased from a low point of $1,918.55 to a maximum point of value of $2,101. Ethereum saw a maximum price increase of 25% during the past month, sparking a bullish outlook for its future by enthusiasts. 

Analyst Ali Martinez, known as @ali_charts on X, formerly Twitter, noted how the network is seeing massive whale activity. They’ve begun to accumulate the crypto, and according to a Glassnode chart, these are the ones that hold 10,000 or more ETH in their wallets. 

Whale Alert, a crypto tracker, noted how two massive movements of Ethereum occurred, one at One was 21,229 ETH ($42,454,140), and the other was 19,764 ETH ($39,157,392). The Ethereum trading volume also saw a spike of 22%. Based on the latest Ethereum price prediction, it can spike to $2,992.50 by Q1 of next year.

Everlodge (ELDG) to Be a Major Player in the Hospitality Industry

But Bitcoin and Ethereum were not the only two cryptos to see an exceptional level of performance during the past few weeks, as Everlodge is also dominating the charts. 

The global hospitality industry is a major point of attention for a lot of enthusiasts who want to diversify their portfolio, as it was worth $4.548 trillion in 2022. 

Entry into the industry was difficult, as most properties are worth millions of dollars, making them out of reach for many people. Everlodge as a platform changes this through minting each property as an NFT. 

Afterward, it fractionalizes these properties, a process in which they are split across thousands of smaller pieces. This way, each NFT is worth just $100. Enthusiasts can build a diversified portfolio as a result. 

There are numerous parts of the ecosystem, including the Marketplace, Launchpad, Rewards Club, and Lending opportunities. ELDG is the native crypto used for staking and governance.

Holders also get benefits, such as qualification for giveaways, property raffles, and experiences. Now, the project is at Stage 7 of the presale, trading at $0.025, but it can climb further as the presale concludes and as it gets listed on major exchanges. 

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