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Crypto news and prices of Monero (XMR), Decentraland (MANA) and Aave (AAVE)

What are the latest crypto and price trends for Monero (XMR), Decentraland (MANA) and Aave (AAVE) coins? 

See below for a general overview and some future predictions. 

Monero (XMR): increase in wallets does not translate into an increase in value, what does that mean? 

Despite the recent surge in Monero wallet installations, several analyses indicate that the value of XMR may drop to $155 by the end of November. 

Specifically, on 12 November, Monero reported a significant 30% increase in wallet installations, suggesting growing interest in the privacy-focused cryptocurrency. 

However, the price of XMR dropped 3.3% from $171.12 on 12 November to $162.70 on 17 November. This gap between the increase in installations and the decline in value raises questions about the sustainability of investment in Monero.

Hence, analysts, although optimistic about the Monero coin’s prospects, point to an uncertain forecast. 

While some see possible growth to $186 by the end of the year, the current price trajectory raises questions about whether Monero should be considered among the best cryptocurrencies to buy. 

Despite growing user interest, the current uncertainty has generated a market transformation, leading to new dynamics similar to blockchain ICOs.

Prices and forecasts for Decentraland (MANA): how it compares to crypto assets Monero and Aave 

Decentraland’s current value is set at around $0.397134, showing a loss of -5.05% in the past 24 hours, bucking the trend of the cryptocurrency market, which has declined by -3.31% in the same period.

In particular, MANA’s performance was particularly weak compared to Bitcoin (BTC), registering a -3.50% loss against the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

According to Decentraland’s projections, we expect MANA to reach $0.432989 by 27 November 2023, indicating an increase of 9.93% over the next 5 days. 

However, the current situation presents a mixed picture, with 13 indicators signaling a bullish trend, but 18 others pointing to a bearish outlook, leading to a 58% overall bearish sentiment for Decentraland.

Hence, considering these factors, the current forecast for Decentraland prices leans toward bearish sentiment. 

The projected 9.93% rise for MANA over the next five days dictates that market sentiment, key support and resistance levels, and other relevant metrics should be closely monitored. 

It should be noted, however, that price volatility is intrinsic to cryptocurrency markets, making constant vigilance necessary even for larger crypto assets.

AAVE, the rising token: price analysis and more 

Recently, the value of the AAVE token has made a remarkable recovery, breaking through the $50 lower boundary and breaking through the $70 trendline barrier, highlighting a breakout on the daily chart. 

This sudden recovery suggested a potential reversal, indicating bullish dominance as it tested the $100 threshold. 

However, the lack of support from the bullish led to a drop below the 20-day EMA, with a subsequent formation of a bullish engulfing candle and a pullback from the 50-day EMA.

AAVE’s price found solid support on the 50-day EMA around $85, registering a notable increase of 50% this month and generating strong buying momentum. 

Sellers have also started to cover their short positions, contributing to the token’s robustness.

Currently, AAVE’s real-time price is around $90.08, with an intraday gain of 1.21%, showing a neutral position on the charts. 

The 11% increase in trading volume to $149.53 million and a market capitalization of $1.34 billion indicate significant interest. Analysts maintain a neutral rating, suggesting growth prospects in the coming sessions.

The break of the trend line above $70 and resistance at $100 on daily charts highlight the token’s progress, despite the strenuous defense of the region by sellers. 

Technical indicators, however, show mixed signals with the RSI curve in the overbought zone and a negative divergence, while the MACD indicator shows a bearish crossover and red bars on the histogram, suggesting a volatile outlook in the coming sessions.

Buyers are regaining strength and aiming to break above the $100 mark, supported by holding in the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement zone and being above the Bollinger average band.

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