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New Token Emerges With Great Potential, VanEck’s Solana Price Prediction, When Will Cardano Go Up?


The crypto market has been pumping of late, in a large part due to the increasing likelihood of the approval of Blackrock’s spot ETF. VanEck, another asset manager, recently made wild Solana predictions. Meanwhile, everybody is waiting to see when Charles Hoskinson’s Cardano will finally go up. As we will see, these big names cannot always be trusted, and sometimes it’s better to look to the smaller guys to see what is really going on.

VanEck makes crazy Solana price predictions

VanEck recently predicted that Solana could reach anywhere from $10 – $3200 by 2030, a prediction so varying that it is almost useless, and it should remind ordinary investors not blindly to trust the words of asset managers.

Here’s their Solana price chart for those of you unable to access it on their blog. (Many users have reported that when they select their country and investor type they can no longer read the Solana article).

VanEck have no idea what the price of Solana will be

In a similar vane, BlackRock have FUDded their own product, saying that stablecoins such as USDC and Tether pose a risk to the market. People are speculating that this is either because they want to bring the price of BTC down in time for their ETF, before they buy back in. Or because they have plans to launch their own stablecoin. Both scenarios are equally likely.

And lest we forget, as recently as two years ago, Blackrock’s Larry Fink joined JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon in saying that Bitcoin was ‘worthless’.

The latest with Cardano’s development and price

Many people have mocked Cardano in the past, or otherwise praised the Blockchain, with a religious-like zeal. For years Charles Hoskinson and Cardano have promised a more sustainable and science-focused crypto, with collaborations with academic institutions and organizations worldwide.

But Cardano’s tech lagged behind other blockchains. And even though Cardano now have thousands of dapps being built on chain, they are still behind in terms of TVL (Total Value Locked) which sits at a mere $303 million according to Defilama, in comparison to much newer blockchains such as Arbitrum and Optimism which are currently hovering around the $1 billion mark.

Again we have to ask ourselves, can we really trust big names like Larry Fink, Jamie Dimon and Cardano’s Hoskinson?

That said, Cardano has seen positive price action recently, in line with most major cryptos, and is currently up by $45.6 on the one-month chart, but a mere 6% on the 1 year chart, indicating that it has been outperformed by coins like Bitcoin and Solana.

Don’t trust the experts – trust the power of the memecoins for 100x gains

Sometimes experts are good, but as we’ve seen, many of the big players have their own agendas. So what other options do you have?

The power of the community of memecoins! Those who have become crypto millionaires from relatively small capital, have usually been those who were early, or who found the latest and hottest memecoin such as PEPE, before it became widely known.

A new project – Meme Moguls – looks to help people do that, uniting the crypto community in a variety of fun ways. The upcoming project is a decentralized meme exchange, a game based on meme knowledge, and a community hub for people to learn from each other and exchange alpha. It hasn’t launched yet, because the project is still in presale.

That makes Meme Moguls all the more exciting for investors, as the token behind the ecosystem – $MGLS, is brand new, in the first phase of their presale. 

It’s predicted that the coin will launch on exchanges at 100x from its current price of $0.019. From there, experts are saying that a 20x is likely by the end of Q4 2023. 

So whether you buy the coin, or get involved in the platform (or both), there is huge potential upside from this project, and no chance of big asset managers manipulating the price of MGLS.

Visit Meme Moguls

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