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Lugano: Money.it Blockchain Innovation Night

An opportunity to explore still little-known opportunities and reflect on the challenges to come: because Blockchain is not something static and already known, but a rapidly evolving world that demands constant attention from those who want to keep up with it. That’s why it can never be talked about enough; that’s why it will also be talked about on 12 December in Lugano, through an event dedicated to and developed by Money.it in collaboration with IBooster entitled “Money.it Blockchain Innovation Night,” at the headquarters of the Casino di Lugano on Via Chiarina Stauffacher-Vedani n.1 starting at 5 PM.

An opportunity to take stock of the situation and try to anticipate the trends of 2024 together with the authoritative speakers and experts in the field who will animate the debate.

Token, Asset, NFT, Smart Contract will be the key words of the conference that, thanks to the intervention of distinguished guests, intends to explore what, fifteen years after its first public appearance in the world, is still called a “revolution.” Because technology is being perfected, applications are being expanded, in line with a reality that intends to exploit its potential fully, or as best as possible, in multiple fields and fronts, and one must be ready to seize its opportunities.

Hence, after the guest registration phase, at 5:30 PM, Federico Viganò, Co-Founder and CMO of Ibooster, and moderator of the evening will immediately get into the heart of the issues with a brief survey on “Asset tokenization opportunities and the BHP case,” together with lawyer Lars Schlichting, LL.M. Counsel IBX AG: a first information-dense moment in which we will dwell on the concept of economic value that is redefined by blockchain. It will then be the turn of Davide Baldi, CEO of Luxochain.com, who will illustrate the case of Money Certified as an example to address the use of product certification. This will be followed by Paolo Catalano and Gianvito Russo, Founder of Elephants and sponsor of the event respectively, with a speech dedicated to tokenization of luxury watches with the aim of offering excellent investment prospects to the audience. Media partners of the event are MoneyMag.ch and The Cryptonomist.

The conference will conclude with a panel discussion focused on “Opportunities and Challenges in 2024.” Leading the discussion will be Dimitri Stagnitto, Founder of Money.it, Professor Jung Kyu Canci from the University of Lucerne, and again Davide Baldi, Lars Schlichting, Paolo Catalano and Gianvito Russo.

And at that point, free chats in front of a bubbly 1908’s aperitif. An important moment of networking around a topic that unites and excites and will continue to be a major player in 2024: blockchain. 

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