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Crypto news: Bitget Builders celebrates contributors with limited edition NFTs for their wallets

Recently, Bitget Builders introduced limited edition NFTs to pay tribute to loyal contributors in the crypto and digital wallet world. Let’s see below all the details about it and what the news will entail. 

NFT: Bitget’s Initiative for crypto-art collectors’ wallets 

As anticipated, Bitget, the first cryptocurrency exchange and global Web3 company, presents the highly anticipated launch of its limited-edition NFTs for Bitget Builders, a tribute to the dedication and passion of its key contributors. 

This initiative reflects Bitget’s gratitude to its Builders by offering them exclusive benefits through NFTs.

To underscore its commitment to the community, Bitget Builders celebrates its loyal members with the first limited edition of 500 NFTs, each providing unique benefits designed to reward Core Builders for their significant contributions and express gratitude for their continued support.

Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget, had the following to say about this: 

“The launch of these limited edition NFTs is a testament to our gratitude for the tireless efforts and passion of our key contributors. We deeply believe in the potential of young people as future leaders of the cryptocurrency industry and are committed to providing further benefits to our valued builders by enhancing their engagement in the Bitget ecosystem and creating an environment that fosters their growth.”

Bitget revolutionizes engagement with NFTs: many benefits and more 

Limited edition NFTs offer a number of exclusive benefits, including an exclusive PASS card (whitelist share), regular access to cutting-edge market trends and investments, premium merchandise, and participation in airdrops. 

Looking ahead, Bitget is committed to further enhancing its community through NFTs, ensuring that its Builders continue to receive essential values and benefits from their partnership with Bitget.

In addition, the Bitget Builders Program is a key part of the Blockchain4Youth charity initiative, aimed at attracting young talent and providing them with comprehensive education in cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3, along with valuable industry experiences. 

This program aspires to inspire and empower the next generation of cryptocurrency leaders by fostering a resilient community in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

The success of the initial phase of the Builders Program paved the way for the launch of the second phase, with Bitget aiming to recruit more than 100 young talents globally, offering them comprehensive education, training and valuable experiences in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 sectors.

In addition, the Bitget Builders Program aims to deeply integrate Builders into the Bitget ecosystem, fostering a robust cryptocurrency community in tune with Bitget. 

The program plans to extend its impact and cultivate the next generation of cryptocurrency leaders through the Bitget Builders Global Tour. 

This innovative initiative allows Builders to organize high-impact offline events in 20 different countries, bringing local communities closer to the world of blockchain and the Bitget ecosystem.

Bitget also revolutionizes trading with exclusive launch of PLEXUS token

Recently, Bitget excited the market by announcing the exclusive price of the PLEXUS (PLX) token.

This event marks a significant step in Bitget’s consolidation as the main entry point for the cutting-edge DEX cross-chain aggregator, positioning itself as a leader in introducing cutting-edge, user-centric blockchain solutions.

As a DEX cross-chain aggregator, PLEXUS revolutionizes multi-step exchanges, offering security, speed and efficiency across various blockchain networks and bridges, all within a single transaction.

Driven by the innovative “CCRP (Cross-Chain Routing Protocol),” based on the Theta algorithm, PLEXUS optimizes the user experience, becoming the standard one-stop shop for DeFi and facilitating resource transfers between blockchains.

Aware of the crucial role of user experience in the deployment of blockchain technology, PLEXUS is committed to simplifying complex concepts, facilitating the smooth exchange of assets between different blockchains, and integrating liquidity, filling a gap in the market. 

The growing importance of decentralized finance (DeFi) highlights the crucial role of cross-chain bridges in fostering widespread adoption of blockchain technology. 

PLEXUS, with its connected and user-friendly environment on many blockchains, is positioned as a key player in meeting the growing need to simplify the exchange of resources for all, confirming itself as a cornerstone in the DeFi landscape.

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