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Monero, Cosmos, and Meme Moguls – Analysts’ top picks for 2024


As Christmas and NY approach, where will the smart money flow in 2024? Monero, Cosmos, and Meme Moguls are the best bets from top experts, about the trends and coins for the year ahead. Read on to find out why.

Monero provides transaction privacy in a Big Brother world

One of the main reasons behind the initial crypto movement and coins like Monero, was a wish for decentralization, for ordinary people to become their own bank, and step away from fiat. 

But why is that important? One reason is the inflationary nature of fiat money which means money is worth less as time goes on. Another point is that new fiat is created by banks, as they make loans and buy government bonds. So banks essentially control the money supply!

This provides governments with funding and expands the money supply but also increases national debt.

From an ethical perspective, governments then often finance military operations and wars through borrowing money, including by issuing those bonds.

A worrying trend is that CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) are coming in 2024 and beyond, and this is the very opposite of what crypto and coins like Monero stand for. The nature of the blockchain means that transactions can be tracked, even if wallets can be anonymous. If people start to use government stablecoins, all personal spending privacy will be lost. Many fear that people will receive a rating based on what they buy or how much tax they pay.

And for those thinking that CBDCs will provide more transparency around banks and government spending? Spoiler alert – they won’t. They will still have their privacy.

This is where Monero comes in. They use the blockchain but offer privacy for regular people. As the world becomes increasingly cashless, people will rely on coins like Monero to avoid the watchful eyes of governments.

Cosmos – The privacy-focused ecosystem

Like Monero, Cosmos also brings privacy and anti-establishment benefits. Projects like the Secret Network have a similar purpose and mission to Monero, whilst projects like Akash seek to offer a key component for a decentralized internet, one that cannot be censored by governments or bodies such as the Orwellian-sounding “Project Censored” and “Center for Countering Digital Hate”. Although the latter sounds like a good thing, who gets to decide what is hate and what is truth? And who funds them?

And there’s more. Cosmos’s Secret Project has a mission: a future where blockchains use privacy features so decentralized app users maintain ownership and control of their identity and data.

For those who want to dive deeper into the tech behind Cosmos’ concern for privacy, this medium post explains all the topics discussed at the fourth Cosmos Privacy event.

Meme Moguls making millionaires

So the importance of privacy is paramount. 

Cosmos and Monero are bullish projects due to their privacy focus. But without wealth, our financial privacy isn’t worth much. And that’s where Meme Moguls comes in. The meme industry is worth over $2 billion and is projected to treble in the next two years, according to Statista

We all know someone who made a fortune with a coin like Pepe or Shiba Inu. But with so many memecoins out there now, how can you pick a good one?

One way is to choose the Meme Moguls project. Whilst the MGLS token isn’t a meme, it unlocks the path to big gains and discovering profitable memecoins early. MGLS is in presale and is predicted to rise by 1000% or more by early 2024.

And that’s not all. The Meme Moguls platform will unite meme lovers everywhere, allowing traders to have fun whilst sharing alpha on the fastest-growing new memes.

The platform will comprise a play-to-earn game and ways to win prizes. The team aims to create new millionaires from ordinary traders. And Monero and Cosmos will be there for those wishing to keep their gains safe and private.

Meme Mogul’s token is in its presale stage and can be acquired at $0.0021. To reward early investors, the team is also giving away $10,000 at the end of each presale stage. 

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