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The crypto revolution in Artificial Intelligence (AI): SingularityDAO’s success in 2023

In the course of 2023, SingularityDAO, a pioneer in creating the only token collection platform focused on crypto and artificial intelligence (AI), has achieved remarkable success. 

Specifically, the integration between blockchain and artificial intelligence emerges as one of the main trends for the coming years. 

In particular, four projects, focused on the intersection between AI and blockchain, have this year recorded fundraising that has positioned them among the top 100 of 2023. Let’s see all the details below. 

SingularityDAO: blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) united in the crypto world 

As anticipated, SingularityDAO, the leading launch platform for global Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects, has successfully announced the completion of four token launches, all ranked among the top 100 most important fundraisings of 2023.

In particular, these projects have focused on the intersection between AI and blockchain, identified as a key trend in the technological landscape for the coming years.

The launchpad is established as the most successful initiative in its sector, with a particular focus on projects related to Artificial Intelligence. 

During the year, four projects have been launched. As the first Rejuve.AI, an application based on AI and blockchain aimed at reducing the wealth gap in longevity treatments and information.

Then Hypercycle, a level 0 blockchain platform to facilitate communication between different AI agents, creating an “internet of AI”. 

Furthermore, there is Cogito, a company that tokenizes traditional assets on the blockchain, and finally Sophiaverse, a metaverse project to bring Sophia the Robot’s AI to a human-level intelligence.

Future perspectives and some statements for SingularityDAO 

We see that SingularityDAO plans further launches by the end of 2023, anticipating a significant increase in demand for its services in response to the AI project boom that started in early 2023. 

In addition, Mario Casiraghi, co-founder of SingularityDAO, stated the following: 

“We believe that without blockchain, AI cannot reach its full potential and vice versa.

That’s why our launchpad has achieved great success this year. The market is starting to understand that in order to achieve the utopian ideals of blockchain and AI, and correct the imbalances of power and wealth in society, we need to make significant changes.

This implies using AI to create trading tools accessible to everyone and decentralizing AI development through blockchain, ensuring that everyone has a say in the future, not just the “big tech”.

So, SingularityDAO has many news in store by the end of the year, including the launch of the second version of its protocol. 

In general, the current landscape is excellent for blockchain and AI projects, with numerous and exciting future prospects. 

More news for AI: Cardano GPT launches Girolamo

A new option to the widespread artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT has recently been implemented on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.

The team behind the Cardano GPT project, focused on creating AI products centered around blockchain, has introduced in beta phase the first generative chatbot accessible on the Internet called Girolamo.

Artificial intelligence takes its name from the versatile Italian Girolamo Cardano, one of the most influential mathematicians of the Renaissance, as stated:

“The official launch in the beta phase of Girolamo, our cutting-edge chatbot in terms of general knowledge based on artificial intelligence, is a reason for great enthusiasm! This represents a significant milestone in our commitment to be a leader in the artificial intelligence revolution.”

Cardano GPT claims that Girolamo can generate content and images and answer questions on various topics, although the information may not yet be completely accurate given the state of artificial intelligence development: 

“Our team has dedicated great effort to creating a highly intelligent, intuitive, and easy-to-use chatbot. Girolamo is designed to provide real-time, accurate, and context-aware responses to users’ questions and activities.”

Testers are invited to experience the new artificial intelligence, provided they have at least 5,000 utility tokens native to the CGI project.

“The release of the beta version of Girolamo represents only the beginning, as we are committed to continuous innovation, research, and development, ensuring that CardanoGPT maintains its leadership position in AI technology in the blockchain space.”

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