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Gaming Web3 in 2024: Metacade and The Sandbox ready to explode


2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for Web3 games, with Metacade and The Sandbox standing out. Metacade stands out with its engaging gameplay model and strong community focus. Its platform redefines how players interact and earn in the blockchain space. On the other hand, The Sandbox offers a virtual world that encourages creativity and immersive experiences.

These two platforms are new benchmarks for what is possible in decentralized digital games, which are expected to reach $100 billion by 2028. As we approach 2024, the growth and innovation brought by these platforms are causing investors to question: which project is likely to create the most significant profits?

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a new innovative Web3 gaming platform aimed at redefining the investment sector by combining blockchain technology and gaming. It is not just a place to play, but a thriving community center for gaming enthusiasts and blockchain users. With a focus on play to earn (P2E) opportunities, Metacade offers a wide range of gaming experiences, career opportunities in the gaming industry, and a platform for community engagement and growth.

The excitement around Metacade is growing ahead of the launch of its public mainnet on November 28th. This launch follows a structured rollout, starting with a soft launch for founding members on November 22nd and access for Metacaders involved in the second staking pool on November 24th.

After the launch, Metacade will introduce an affiliate system, allowing the community to earn up to 25% of the registration fees of new users they bring to the platform. This initiative highlights Metacade’s commitment to community growth and long-term user engagement. Many analysts expect significant price increases due to the launch and intensive marketing that accompanies it. Therefore, this is an important step in expanding Metacade’s reach and consolidating its position as a major project in the Web3 gaming industry.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade works thanks to a simple but effective system in which playing games allows you to win rewards. Players earn MCADE tokens by engaging in various games, combining entertainment with the possibility of income.

Metacade also values the contribution of the community through its Create2Earn program. This program rewards users for activities such as writing game reviews or sending feedback to game developers, so that everyone can contribute and benefit from the platform’s growth.

Another key feature is Compete2Earn, where players use MCADE tokens to participate in game tournaments, adding excitement and more opportunities to win money. Metacade plans to expand its offering with the Work2Earn feature, creating job opportunities in the Web3 and gaming sectors. This approach increases earning potential and makes Metacade an essential asset for career advancement in the Web3 space.

The depth of the Metacade ecosystem shows how much Metacade is becoming a central element of the Web3 gaming, and since market awareness is still low, early investors could achieve significant returns in 2024.

MCAD Price Forecast

The recent performance of Metacade’s MCADE token has been extremely encouraging, with its value increasing to the current price of $0.014. This increase in value reflects the growing confidence of investors in Metacade’s potential in the Web3 gaming sector, and by 2024, the prospects for MCADE seem incredibly optimistic.

Given the innovative play to earn model of the platform, its community approach, and the expansion of its game offerings, the market firmly believes that MCADE could reach the $0.50 mark if a bullish market is established. This potential 50-fold increase reflects the current significance of the platform as well as the broader expansion and adoption of blockchain gaming technologies.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a virtual world where users can create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can purchase lands and assets using the SAND token, create interactive games, and engage in a vast virtual economy.

This platform stands out for its user-generated content and decentralized governance, allowing users to shape the ecosystem. With its immersive world-building tools and dynamic community, The Sandbox has become a significant player in blockchain-based virtual worlds.

SAND Price Prediction

The crypto token SAND from The Sandbox is currently valued at $0.40, showing a stable performance in the market. Although SAND has demonstrated its potential in the rapidly growing field of virtual worlds and blockchain games, its growth seems more conservative than that of MCADE.

The project’s notoriety being already very high, analysts predict that the crypto SAND will probably experience modest gains in the future. This growth should be enabled by the continuous development within The Sandbox platform and the increasing popularity of virtual real estate and crypto assets. Although the pace of this growth may not match the rapid ascent expected for some other tokens in the blockchain gaming sector, it could still produce significant gains of 10 to 20%, making SAND worth nearly $0.50 per token.

MCADE vs SAND: what is the best investment?

When comparing MCADE and SAND as investment options, it is essential to consider the investors’ objective. MCADE appears as a more convincing choice for those aiming for profit-oriented investments. The recent rise in token price and the projected increase to $0.50 in 2024 highlight its growth potential. This bullish outlook is supported by Metacade’s unique position in the Web3 gaming market, offering an innovative blend of play-to-earn mechanisms, community engagement, an expanding game portfolio, as well as other features and incentives that attract investors.

Although it is a solid investment in virtual worlds and digital real estate, SAND has a more gradual growth trajectory. Its value is closely tied to the development and adoption of The Sandbox platform, which, while significant, indicates a different potential for rapid evolution compared to MCADE. This means that we will likely see savvy investors continue to focus more on MCADE, especially before the public launch of the mainnet later this month.

To buy Metacade (MCADE), visit the official Metacade website.

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