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Will Bitcoin Maintain $37K Following SEC’s ETF Decision Delays? Injective & InQubeta Ready to Soar


Bitcoin’s been hovering around the $37K mark recently, leaving seasoned and beginner cryptocurrency investors wondering if it will be able to maintain its position, experience a sharp correction, or continue to move higher. As the market awaits the fate of this top ten cryptocurrency in the coming weeks, two of the best cryptos to invest in, Injective (INJ) and InQubeta (QUBE), stand poised for potential breakthroughs. Let’s delve into these developments and explore what the future might hold for these innovative projects.

Bitcoin’s Pit Stop and Future Dreams

Bitcoin, the leader of the top crypto coins, has been largely unaffected by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC’s delays in deciding the fate of applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs (exchange-traded funds). This is primarily due to the fact that many do not expect the regulator to make a final decision on the matter, given the many issues it has recently raised about the crypto industry’s biggest players.

According to Binance, Bitcoin has been in the $36K zone for almost two weeks now. It first hit this mark on November 10th, and has since experienced highs of $37K and lows of $35K. The question on the minds of many is whether Bitcoin will stay within this range for the foreseeable future or go through a significant correction – a sentiment that seems to be shared by some  analysts. This isn’t to say that these two situations are the only possible scenarios for Bitcoin. It may also climb to new highs, especially if the spot ETF applications are approved.

Injective (INJ): The Rebels of Decentralized Exchanges

Now, let’s talk about Injective (INJ) – the rebels of decentralized exchanges. This project is changing the game with cross-chain margin trading, derivatives, and forex futures trading. They’re not following the crowd either; while Uniswap and Bancor are doing the automated market maker dance, Injective is hitting the scene with an order book model straight out of the traditional stock exchange playbook. It’s like they said, “Why fix what ain’t broke?”

Built on the Cosmos blockchain, Injective lets traders snag cryptocurrencies from places like Ethereum and Polkadot using cross-chain bridges. With Injective, it’s all about using INJ coins for market maker and taker fees. Oh, and did we mention these INJ coins also get you a front-row seat in the governance and staking game? It’s like being at a crypto concert and backstage at the same time.

InQubeta (QUBE): Where AI and Blockchain Get Cozy

Imagine you’re an investor looking to dip your toes into AI start-up investments, but the traditional Silicon Valley investment circles seem out of reach. That’s where InQubeta (QUBE) comes in, offering a novel solution that democratizes access to AI investments through fractional investment using QUBE ERC20 coins. No exclusivity, just equal opportunities!

Here’s how it works. Promising AI ventures seeking to raise funds mint shares in their businesses into the coolest NFTs. And guess what? These most popular NFTs can then be purchased by QUBE holders. It’s a win-win situation. Start-ups get the funding they need, while investors enjoy long-term profits and exclusive rewards. This engaging environment is precisely what the AI and blockchain space needs, especially when exaggerated claims are flooding the market.

Now, let’s talk numbers. InQubeta (QUBE) has racked up over $5.2 million and is still rocking it in the 5th round of its presale. With an NFT marketplace, a growing Twitter following, DAO, and a Swap in the works, they’re not just here to play – they’re here to slay. And the market’s vibing with it, with many confidently declaring InQubeta (QUBE) as the top ICO to watch in 2023.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our exploration of Bitcoin sitting pretty atop the $36K mark, the rise of Injective Protocol, and InQubeta’s game-changing solution for AI investments, we can’t help but be excited about the future of these projects.

The merger of AI and crypto is a match made in heaven, and InQubeta (QUBE) opens the doors for investing in this alliance. The world of AI and crypto is evolving, and it’s time to be a part of it.

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