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Today the airdrop of the ZKPEPE crypto for zkSync network users is coming: check immediately if you are eligible to redeem the memecoin

Today, all active users of the zkSync ecosystem will be able to claim the ZKPEPE airdrop, one of the most important crypto memes launched on the Matter Labs layer-2 cryptographic network.

The currency, which has already been listed on decentralized markets on November 22nd and quickly attracted the attention of investors, can be redeemed by all those who have previously carried out transactions on zkSync Era and zkSync Lite. 

With the advent of ZKPEPE, the season of retroactive crypto airdrops is starting to heat up with several farmers who, while waiting for the arrival of industry giants like ZKS, STRK, and ZERO, can easily obtain free tokens.

The claim opens at 6pm: check immediately if your address is eligible to receive the crypto airdrop.

Let’s see all the details below

ZKPEPE: the new memecoin of the zkSync ecosystem

The curtain opens today on the season of retroactive airdrops on Ethereum rollups: at 6 pm all active users of the zkSync ecosystem will be able to claim ZKPEPE crypto, redeeming tokens completely for free.

In particular, all those who have performed one or more transactions on the zero-knowledge blockchain zkSync Era and zkSync Lite, developed by Matter Labs, are eligible.

ZKPEPE represents one of the first memecoins developed by the zk communities, which serves as a cryptographic resource intended for value creation and engagement.

The currency combines the fun nature of memes with the goal of empowering the zkSync ecosystem, which is already in excellent shape, generating value among users and maximizing their earnings. Maximizing their earnings.

A bit like all existing crypto-memes, there are no technical use cases and particularly complex products, but the team’s intention behind the project is to explore new solutions and innovatively expand the utility of the currency.

The next important step after today’s airdrop will be a listing on CEX, which could come sooner than expected on platforms like Okx, Bitget, Mexc or Gate.io.

In the future, liquidity pools will be opened where ZKPEPE holders will be able to lock their tokens and earn a yield.

Finally, the ambitious roadmap on the project’s website indicates that in the future an official merchandise will be created and the memecoin will be sent “to the moon!

Obviously ZKPEPE remains a bet and we don’t know if it will be able to secure a prominent position in the ranking of the best cryptographic memes in the industry alongside its brother PEPE and its cousins DOGE and SHIB.

We can however anticipate that so far things have been impeccably followed by the currency team, which has tried in every way to enhance its creation.

In fact, about 90% of the ZKPEPE supply, which amounts to 100 billion units, will be distributed to the zkSync community through an airdrop, while the remaining 10% will be used for marketing purposes, to pay for listings on centralized exchanges, and to support the creation of bridges and pools.

We are not dealing with a greedy team that keeps a large amount of tokens for themselves, ready to dump them on their holders at the first opportunity.

On the contrary, the intentions should be to make the entire community grow, and obviously benefit from it in the long run.

Unlike many similar low cap tokens, such as BANANA, there are no fees for buying or selling through AMM, only the commission costs required by the cryptographic network in question.

Among the other useful information that can be found on the ZKPEPE website, we can see what are the 4 recommended steps to approach this particular token:

  1. STEP 1: BUY
  2. STEP 2: HODL
  3. STEP 3: MEME
airdrop crypto zkpepe

Check eligibility and redeem the ZKPEPE crypto airdrop

Regardless of the success or failure of the ZKPEPE project, the most skeptical users will be able to take advantage of the airdrop opportunity to redeem free tokens and monetize their presence within the zkSync ecosystem.

After all, many farmers who have conducted transactions on zero-knowledge cryptographic networks are eagerly awaiting the ZKS airdrop and other coins like STRK and ZRO, solely with the aim of obtaining economic gain and increasing their liquidity.

However, it is not certain that those who receive the airdrop will immediately sell the entire allocation on the market: in fact, in addition to the emotional bond that the ZKPEPE team is trying to establish with its community, it should be considered that all “unclaimed” tokens will be burned, reducing the potential selling pressure of the currency.

Furthermore, the strong market growth recorded in the previous days, in which the memecoin exceeded the threshold of 30 million marketcap, driven by intelligent marketing campaigns, could push many users to carefully consider the option of not immediately selling all their bags at 6 pm today.

There will certainly be a strong downward spike that, as in every token airdrop, is recorded on the charts at the time of opening, but in the coming days we could also expect a continuation of the bullish pattern marked in the days before the airdrop.

However, we remind you that ZKPEPE is a very volatile cryptocurrency and that heavily exposing yourself to it can result in significant variations in your cryptographic assets: make your proper evaluations and remember to carefully calculate the risk/return ratio of the operations you want to undertake.

How do I know if I am eligible for the crypto airdrop of the new meme coin ZKPEPE?

On the operational front, let’s see how to verify the eligibility of our addresses and redeem ZKPEPE tokens.

By going to the project’s website, connecting your non-custodial wallet on the zkSync Era network, and clicking on the “airdrop” option, we can verify if we have been selected as active users.

To exchange currency for ETH, unless a listing on CEX is announced shortly, the only valid option is to use the DEX SyncSwap.

You can view the ZKPEPE icon on the platform and proceed with trading by entering the following contract address in the appropriate search bar under the “trade” section: 0x7d54a311d56957fa3c9a3e397ca9dc6061113ab3

If you were not selected for the airdrop, don’t be discouraged: there are endless opportunities to receive coins as gifts in the crypto sector and surely there will be chances to make up for it.

By following our weekly column, you will always stay up to date and monitor all the most important airdrops that the cryptographic industry has in store for us.

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