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Renowned Analyst Places High Bets on Solana (SOL), Steers Up Interest in Meme Moguls (MGLS)


Holders of Solana might be in for a greater return on their investment as a renowned analyst who was once with ARK Invest predicted a profitable future for the SOL coin, signalling the coin as a good crypto to buy now. While this serves as a grim reminder to consider Solana, investors should also pay attention to the long awaited P2E meme token, Meme Mogul.

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Former ARK Invest’s Analyst, Chris Burniske, Bets Heavily on Solana (SOL) Price

Few weeks back, Chris Burniske wrote a post about Solana. It was a twitter post, and in it, he compared the journey of Solana to Ethereum’s, saying that despite doubts in the past, Solana might be gaining more recognition in the crypto world. 

Burniske believes Solana price could go from being questioned to becoming a significant player in the crypto space. As previously highlighted, this indicates that SOL might be a good crypto to buy for the long run.

Talking about Solana price, it went up from $27 on October 20th to $62 on November 11th. Even though opinions on cryptocurrencies differ, many experts are optimistic about the future of Solana coin, predicting its value could reach $63.54 by December 2023.

These predictions were more than spot on as the price of Solana coin currently reads at $65.92, a significant 5% from its price in the last 24 hours. Although Solana trading volume is 30.61% below its price in the last 24 hours, Solana is still one of the best crypto to invest in now.

On the Verge of its Launch, Meme Moguls Amass Investors’ Interest

Arguably the best new crypto to invest in, Meme Moguls plans to give users a dynamic  crypto realm where crypto gaming meets financial empowerment. The opportunities that lie in wait on the Meme Moguls platform is more than enough to make it the best crypto to invest in now.

Meme Moguls native token, P2E meme token, MGLS, is set to disrupt the Ethereum blockchain scene with a refreshing take on meme coins. Forget the usual hype surrounding meme coins, Meme Moguls is your gateway to an immersive gaming experience that seamlessly blends fun and DeFi strategies.

Going beyond virtual and digital investments, Meme Moguls will engage you on a journey to wealth creation. To reiterate, you’ll be able to compete with friends, turn simulated profits (like the Moguls $100,000 game-start prize) into tangible cash rewards, and unlock exclusive meme collectibles. 

In addition to climbing the ranks on a ‘wealth leaderboard’ system and becoming a revered “mogul,” you can monetize your trading skills while engaging in thrilling tournaments for cash prizes and unique NFTs. 

The adventure doesn’t stop there as you’ll have a chance to explore the in-game marketplace, stake MGLS for more tokens, and dive into Moguls World – a metaverse for mining, staking, and connecting with like-minded enthusiasts. 

As the best new crypto to invest in, Meme Moguls isn’t your typical crypto project— it’s a revolutionary blend of gaming, investing, and community-building. Get started now and ride the wave of meme coin innovation.

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