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The explosive success of the Solana Saga phone and the frantic race for the Bonk crypto.

Solana Saga records sales up to $5,000 on eBay, while the growing excitement for the free airdrop of the memecoin and crypto Bonk has completely depleted the phone stocks on its official website. 

After months of moderate sales, the Solana Saga has reached the “SOLD OUT” status. Let’s see all the details below. 

The frenzy of the Bonk crypto leads to the sold out of the Solana phone: details

As anticipated, a Solana Saga phone has recently reached an incredible selling price of $5,000 on eBay, surpassing its original retail cost by over eight times. 

This phenomenon was triggered by the growing frenzy around the free airdrop of memecoin and crypto Bonk, leading to the depletion of devices on the official website.

On December 16th, two still sealed phones were sold on eBay, listed at $5,000 or “best offer”, while another device was purchased for $3,316 or “best offer”. 

During the weekend, another twenty devices found buyers willing to pay over $2,000, representing a significant markup compared to the original price of $599 on the Solana Mobile website.

The Saga phone was launched on May 8th, accompanied by a free airdrop of 30 million Bonk tokens.

However, last week, the increase in Bonk prices made the airdrop more valuable than the device itself, leading to phone depletion since December 16th.

Those who have purchased Saga phones seem to be betting on the future appreciation of the memecoin price.

The Bonk’s upward race: earning opportunities in the world of memecoins 

In the last 30 days, Bonk has indeed grown by almost 800%, attracting both memecoin enthusiasts and opportunistic traders.

In order to take advantage of the high price of $5,000, Bonk’s price should further increase by 620%, bringing its market capitalization to $8.68 billion, a level comparable to Tron or Polkadot. 

However, it seems that phone buyers are not only focusing on Bonk’s price, with numerous Solana projects promising airdrops and financial incentives for device holders.

The founder of Solena has confirmed work on an airdrop for Saga phone owners, while the Samoyed Coin memecoin project has announced an upcoming airdrop for Saga users, with further details to come. 

In addition, GenesysGo, a decentralized storage provider, has offered the possibility to extract its native Shadow token through an application on the Saga phone.

BONK by Solana faces a decline: what is happening 

The Solana meme coin, BONK, is experiencing a significant correction today, slowing down its eclectic growth since the beginning of the month.

Currently quoted at about $0.00002116, it shows a modest recovery of 1.06% in the last 24 hours, after an initial drop of over 10%.

Despite price fluctuations, BONK has a strategic plan that could mark a key reversal in its market trends. 

The cryptocurrency has indeed announced its Christmas event, offering various activities through which users can participate and obtain rewards during the holidays.

The activities include purchasing within the Silicon Valley Bonk through an eligible wallet, depositing at least 1 SOL in BONKbot through an eligible wallet, and interacting with BONK Swap in various ways, including token swapping, DeFi routing, and DCA usage.

In addition, users can download the BONK dApp on the Solana Saga phone and participate in games. The free BONK is available to users through the Saga Genesis Pass on the dApp.

The goal of these festive activities is to expand the utility of BONK, generating significant excitement within the meme coin ecosystem. 

Despite facing a correction, BONK has presented several initiatives throughout the year, ensuring growth opportunities for its supporters. Despite recent sales, BONK’s semi-annual growth stands at 6.414%.

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