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Tomorrow’s Crypto Phenoms: Strategies for Unearthing Investment Treasures


While investors are seeking future crypto phenoms, they have their eyes set on three investment treasures: Borroe Finance ($ROE), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), and Mina (MINA). As the number of daily active wallets soared on the NEAR network, MINA made 2 million tokens available in Cohort 3. However, savvy investors found an AI-powered fundraising platform, $ROE

Which is the best crypto to buy right now? Let’s explore the future trajectory of these coins.


Exploring the Investment Opportunities In Borroe Finance

Borroe Finance ($ROE) is making waves as it has captivated a lot of attention from tech-savvy investors. Borroe Finance is an AI-powered fundraising platform that offers a unique blend of NFTs with regular finance. 

This revolutionary blend of digital uniqueness and traditional financial principles is amassing investors’ interest to the core. Moreover, Borroe Finance also helps Web3 businesses raise instant cash by minting their future earnings into NFTs and selling them at a discounted price in the marketplace. 

The native token of Borroe Finance, $ROE, is becoming one of the best cryptos to invest in with its growing popularity. Interestingly, experts consider Borroe Finance a top-notch investment. 

Currently, Borroe Finance is in Stage 3, priced at $0.0175 per $ROE token. The next stage is already set, where $ROE will surge to $0.019. Borroe Finance has already accumulated over 2.1 million by selling more than 193 million $ROE tokens. 

Here’s a more exciting part – $ROE will surge to $0.04 when $ROE hits the mainstream market. Investors could get serious profits investing in $ROE. That’s why investors consider $ROE as a phenom for the coming days. 


NEAR Protocol Witnesses an Impressive Surge In Active Daily Wallets 

From December 1 to December 19, the number of active daily wallets on NEAR Protocol had a staggering surge of 975%, from 93,000 to over a million. Moreover, its total daily transactions have increased by 170% since December 3.

With this massive uptick, the altcoin price sees a dramatic uphill as well. On December 1, NEAR was trading at $1.87. Since then, NEAR’s price has soared to $4.46 on December 26, representing an incredible 138.50% increase.

Multiple technical indicators reveal NEAR’s latest uptrend has more momentum ahead. NEAR’s bullish momentum is further enhanced by the MACD line crossing above its signal line and also the RSI at 78, which shows NEAR being overbought after the spike.

Some reveal that if NEAR Protocol sustains this current momentum, bulls could drive NEAR’s price to $5.20 at the start of 2024. Conversely, if it fails, NEAR’s price might plummet to $2.76.

MINA Announced 2 Million Tokens Available In Grants For Cohort 3

On December 22, Mina announced that it made 2 million MINA tokens available in grants after Cohort 3 launched on the same date. With these grants, MINA aims to support strong teams with the future development of their zkApps and devtools

Besides, MINA has gained traction since the start of December. On December 26, MINA’s price soared to $1.12, marking an outstanding 57.74% increase from $0.71 on December 1. 

With this surge, MINA has formed a giant bullish candle, prompting buyers to get active. However, MINA’s technical indicator, the ADI, reflects the exhausting bearish momentum that could trigger MINA’s minor pullback before the $1.25 breakout

Crypto analysts anticipate that if MINA breaks from this level, there’s practically nothing stopping MINA from reaching at least $3.50. Experts consider Mina to be the best crypto investment alongside NEAR and $ROE.

Learn more about Borroe Finance ($ROE) here:

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