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Chainlink’s Staking Momentum and LINK’s Price Rally; Reddit Community Buzzes About Emerging AI Crypto InQubeta


Chainlink [LINK], a major player in the blockchain ecosystem, is getting attention because the giant launched Staking V2 for its fans. While Chainlink has surged almost 61%, the Reddit community is buzzing about emerging AI crypto InQubeta.

A dive into Chainlink and LINKs price rally

Chainlink’s token LINK witnessed a notable surge of 60.9% in October 2023, enabling it to reach a peak value of $11.8, a value that hadn’t been seen since May 2022. LINK value has now stabilised above $15, making it the new hotspot for investors.

The amazing part about this is that the LINK price coincided with the increase in Bitcoin value in the same period. LINK’s prices are much higher when compared to SOL (Solana), which saw around a 28% increase, and Ethereum (ETH) with a 14% rise. The surge in these prices has enabled Chainlink to grab the attention of people who are looking for decentralised application solutions.

Various numbers of factors can contribute to this rise in LINK’s price. One of those factors is Chainlink’s migration to the newest staking firmware which is coming in the later months. The new upgrade has promised users features such as improved security, flexibility in staking withdrawals, and dynamic rewards.

Along with that, Chainlink’s integration with multiple other blockchains is another reason for the hype. For example, Chainlink introduced a partnership with Advanced Crypto Strategies DAO, an automated liquidity and yield optimizer.

InQubeta Marching Forward In Innovation

The QUBE  token is a unique one that facilitates transactions on the platform, while also serving as a governance token, giving holders a say in platform decisions affecting the entire community. This makes it one of the best altcoins to invest in if you like having real control and a say in the platform’s future.

InQubeta stands out as the best cryptocurrency platform for AI startup investments, offering an innovative approach to crypto crowdfunding. It introduces the concept of fractional investment using its native cryptocurrency, QUBE tokens, making it the best crypto to buy for those interested in the AI tech sector.

InQubeta has ambitious plans for expansion, intending to integrate with multiple blockchain platforms, enhancing its investment ecosystem’s diversity and accessibility.

Investors in InQubeta can purchase fractions of AI startup assets, eliminating the need to buy entire shares. This fractionalization makes AI startup investments more accessible to a broader audience, making it one of the best crypto to invest in now.

The QUBE token features a structured tax system, where transaction taxes contribute to rewards for stakers, liquidity, marketing, and burning tokens. This tax structure benefits both token holders and the broader InQubeta community.

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Reviewing the analytics shows the investor’s interest in LINK has grown, which is marked by positive rates and values. Since LINK’s value has surged, the funding rates are suggesting that buyers are seeking to increase the leverage. The price rally has also diverted LINK users to AI crypto InQubeta, a new player and top performer in the blockchain world.

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