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BitMEX: the space mission to physically bring Bitcoin to the moon

BitMEX, together with Astrobotic, Bitcoin Magazine, and Oxcart Assembly, has seen its space mission to physically bring Bitcoin (BTC) to the Moon come to fruition today. The launch of the Vulcan rocket by the United Launch Alliance (ULA) carrying Bitcoin on board took place today. 

BitMEX and the physical shipment of Bitcoin to the Moon

Today is the day dedicated to the launch of the Vulcan rocket by United Launch Alliance (ULA) with Bitcoin on board. The initiative is carried out by the crypto-exchange BitMEX together with Astrobotic, Bitcoin Magazine, and Oxcart Assembly. 

“A message from @cryptohayes: Today is the day we send $BTC to the Moon with @Astrobotic. It will be aboard @ulalaunch #VulcanRocket that will take off today at 2:18am ET. Watch the launch live on Twitch https://twitch.tv/bitmex_official and Remember to participate in our #BitcoinToTheMoon trading contest http://bitmex.com/guilds”

The co-founder of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, is at the forefront of the unprecedented new initiative that aims to highlight the vast potential of the bitcoin ecosystem, beyond the limits of Earth. 

With physical transportation of Bitcoin, we mean the engraving of a public address 1MoonBTCixFH3XTrWRCbMpK23o74nQrA1Q and a private key. 

Obviously, today’s lunar mission from the Cape Canaveral Space Station in Florida is not exclusively dedicated to Bitcoin. In fact, its transportation represents one of the 201 payloads of the mission. 

BitMEX and Bitcoin’s Mission to the Moon along with the trading competition

The super initiative to land a revolutionary financial asset like Bitcoin on the Moon should also mark the first successful Western lunar landing. This was since the Apollo 17 mission, conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1972.

Enthusiasts and curious people can follow the progress of the mission through a live broadcast on NASA TV, which can be accessed by registering. 

“The first commercial robotic launch to the Moon from the United States successfully took off on January 8th with the first flight of @ULALaunch#VulcanRocket. The Peregrine 1 mission lander from @Astrobotic is expected to reach the lunar surface in February: http://go.nasa.gov/3NVw46S

The forecasts see the landing of Bitcoin on the lunar surface by February 2024, perfectly preserved for future generations.

BitMEX invites people to send personal messages and their satoshis to the Moon, creating a unique connection between Earth and space.

Not only that, BitMEX has made available to its users the opportunity to participate in a trading competition where now there are $100,000 and much more at stake. 

“Great week for our Top Trader who brought home $2.2M+ from trading $BTC Just in time for our #BitcoinToTheMoon mission. You could be next with our biggest competition: participate in the #BitcoinToTheMoon trading contest throughout the day, where $100K $USDT, an Omega Moonwatch, and much more are up for grabs. Join here https://bitmex.com/guilds”

Arthur Hayes and the proposal for a Bitcoin-based stablecoin

The current project of bringing the crypto-asset par excellence to the Moon seems to have become a reality. 

On the contrary, the proposal of an Arthur Hayes’ Bitcoin-based stablecoin from last March 2023, instead, seems to have not been developed afterwards.

And indeed, the co-founder of BitMEX had proposed a Bitcoin-based stablecoin called Satoshi Nakamoto Dollar (NUSD). His goal was to make the stablecoin free from any movement of the US dollar (USD) and therefore from banks. 

NUSD would have become the product of a fiat tokenization service that banks refuse to offer. Certainly, decentralized stablecoins would destroy the trillions of dollars that the global banking system earns each year from transaction fees and currency exchange operations. 

But for Hayes, his stablecoin project was supposed to bridge the gap between centralized finance and DeFi, thus eliminating banking services.

Anyway, at the moment, no NUSD seems to have been officially launched, unlike the spacecraft that is actually sending Bitcoin to the Moon today. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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