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Fox and Polygon revolutionize the media with the Verify platform based on blockchain

Fox Corporation has recently entered into a partnership with Polygon Labs to introduce Verify, an innovative multimedia platform based on blockchain. 

This solution securely tracks multimedia content and facilitates the negotiation of licensing agreements with companies specialized in artificial intelligence. Let’s see all the details below. 

Verify: cutting-edge blockchain technology in the partnership between Fox and Polygon

As anticipated, Fox Corporation, the media company behind renowned brands such as Fox News, Fox Sports, and Tubi Media Group, has introduced Verify, a blockchain-based platform. 

This new initiative has been developed in collaboration with Polygon Labs and aims to manage content licensing agreements with companies specializing in artificial intelligence, regulating the use of Fox Corporation’s intellectual property.

Verify adopts a cryptographic perspective to digitally sign and track multimedia content in a dedicated database. The partnership between Fox Corporation and Polygon Labs has led to the creation of this advanced solution. 

Polygon Labs has shared on X, the social media platform, that with the expansion of artificial intelligence tools and the media generated by it, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish truth from false information.

For this reason, it has become essential to demonstrate the origin and authenticity of the content.

On January 9th, Verify launched its public beta version, allowing any media company to register various types of content, such as articles, audio, and images, and grant usage rights to artificial intelligence platforms. 

By using the Verify technology, each individual content is cryptographically signed on Polygon PoS, offering consumers the ability to easily identify content from trusted sources. 

Since then, Verify has accumulated over 89,000 contents from the company’s brands.

Walmart also integrates blockchain and artificial intelligence

Walmart, a global leader in the retail industry, is adopting an innovative approach to address uncertainties and improve supply chain management. 

In order to mitigate potential impacts, Walmart is considering the implementation of advanced strategies that integrate its existing capabilities with cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain. 

At the center of these strategies lies the creation of a diversified supply base and a logistics network, offering flexibility in response to geopolitical disruptions. 

A proactive approach of this kind implies the systematic identification of potential risks and the creation of emergency plans. Cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain, offer transformative solutions in supply chain and procurement management.

This technology provides, in fact, as we know, a transparent and immutable ledger, increasing traceability and verification of transactions along the supply chain.

The blockchain can also support the growing demand for sustainable and ethical products, providing visibility into supplier practices. By prioritizing suppliers with strong commitments to sustainability, Walmart could improve its brand image.

Furthermore, the integration of artificial intelligence with blockchain offers new perspectives for risk and uncertainty management. 

Predictive AI analysis can predict disruptions in the supply chain, while machine learning algorithms anticipate demand patterns, avoiding stockouts. 

This combination provides Walmart with a solid risk management framework, ensuring a consistent supply of goods and strengthening its competitive position in the retail industry.

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