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What is the future for Everlodge, Ethereum and Bitcoin?


As the Bitcoin Spot ETF decision day is imminent, and mainstream financial media demonstrates how little it really knows about Bitcoin, we look at what lies ahead for Everlodge, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Everlodge Presale Will Bring Real World Assets to Ethereum

Everlodge is now at stage 9 of its presale, having gone up by 10% less than 1 week ago, at time of writing.

For those who haven’t yet heard of this interesting new project, Everlodge are combining the trend of the tokenization of RWAs (Real World Assets) with the popularity of vacation rental properties as a form of passive income.

What this means in practice, is that anyone with an internet connection can become a vacation property investor, and receive rental income.

Why is that different to normal investing? Well, one of the benefits of tokenized RWAs is that they can be fractionalized, meaning you don’t need credit or a large amount of capital to purchase a piece of a villa in Thailand or a condo in Florida.

Another is that buyers can stay anonymous, keeping their investments out of the eyes of governments.

A third benefit is that buying properties overseas or even at home, can be long and arduous, but with Everlodge this is all taken care of by the team.

Everlodge will have 11 presale stages in total and then launch on the Ethereum blockchain at $0.038. At this point its down to the market to decide on the inherent value of the EDLG token; forecasters are predicting anywhere from a 10x to a 30x on the launch day and then further growth as the platform becomes operational.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Forecast for 2024

The price of Bitcoin and therefore Ethereum has been going up, a lot to do with the upcoming Bitcoin Spot ETF which will allow institutional investors to get into Bitcoin and see a lot of new money flowing into the market. This should mean that the price of Bitcoin and its smart contract enabled counterpart, Ethereum, will go up. Possibly doubling or even more. Assuming that is, that the ETF is approved.

The market has been assuming that it will be approved due to various leaks from the SEC and the fact that Blackrock applied for its Bitcoin ETF. Historically, Blackrock doesn’t apply for something unless it’s sure to get it.

Bitcoin was invented back in 2012, a fact that seems to have escaped the Financial Times in a recent article where they wrote that ‘MicroStrategy has been buying bitcoin since 2000”. This shows how uneducated even behemoths like the Financial Times really are about Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Financial Times doesn’t seem to know that Bitcoin didn’t exist in 2000

The overall point of the article though, may have a point – Bitcoin, and crypto, needs utility to be useful. While a deeper understanding of Bitcoin shows us that it already has utility as digital gold, and Ethereum’s smart contract programmability as a ‘digital computer’ – it’s projects like Everlodge that have the power to make a real difference to ordinary people. In this case, allowing everyday investors to have access to investment vehicles that have previously only been available to big asset managers and high-net-worth individuals.

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