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Bitpanda and Bayern together for great achievements: a new era for the exchange in football

The Austrian exchange Bitpanda has consolidated a long-term partnership with the renowned German football club, assuming the role of exclusive crypto partner of Bayern Munich.

Let’s see below all the details. 

Bitpanda exchange joins forces with Bayern Munich

As anticipated, Bitpanda has recently signed a long-term collaboration agreement with the renowned German football club, becoming the exclusive crypto partner of Bayern Munich.

This strategic collaboration brings together the leading investment platform in Europe for digital assets with one of the largest and most successful football clubs, announcing the partnership at the start of the new season. 

This agreement further underlines Bitpanda’s leadership position in the region.

Starting from January 2024, Bitpanda will enjoy extensive television visibility, it will be well represented inside and around the Allianz Arena. Furthermore, it will have the opportunity to collaborate with players as part of a broader branding commitment. 

Through the agreed package of rights, the fintech and the football club will seek to align their brands more closely to promote mutual growth.

The partnership was formalized at the headquarters of Bayern Munich shortly before the end of the year. 

During the meeting, several important members of the respective parties explored the affinities between the two entities, as well as the expectations and shared plans for collaboration.

Eric Demuth, speaking about the partnership, emphasized the strong winning mentality and common ethical principles between Bitpanda and Bayern Munich. 

Some statements regarding the partnership

Demuth has also emphasized the commitment of both parties to pursue clear entrepreneurial principles and the willingness to constantly improve. 

“From the beginning, Bitpanda has sought to pave the way and build trust in the cryptocurrency industry and beyond, as a regulatory model. After years of hard and relentless work, we have earned the position of market leader in Europe. Bayern Munich has maintained its dominant position for decades, remaining true to its entrepreneurial principles and financial sustainability, to the delight of fans throughout Europe. For us, these shared values are the perfect foundation for a long-term partnership.”

Even Jan-Christian Dreesen, CEO of Bayern Munich, emphasizes with certainty that Bitpanda represents a symbol of quality and long-term prospects. 

Similarly to Bayern Munich, Bitpanda also holds a leadership position in its market sector. The goal is therefore to pursue together in their future goals. 

Andreas Jung, Chief Marketing Officer of Bayern Munich, adds: 

“Bitpanda integrates perfectly with the needs of Bayern Munich: two brands of great impact, two standards that blend in harmony.”

The other important partnership for Bitpanda: Raiffeisen Bank 

Among the recent news, we see that by the end of January 2024, the Raiffeisen Bank, based in Austria, anticipates the introduction of cryptocurrency trading services for retail customers.

The collaboration with Bitpanda, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, initiated with the signing of a memorandum of understanding at the beginning of the year, will see the joint provision of this service to Viennese consumers.

Curt Chadha, responsible for bank innovation, explained: 

“We have chosen to start from Vienna, where about a quarter of the Austrian population resides.”

Thanks to this agreement, bank customers will have access to Bitpanda services, including trading of over 250 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With an asset of 215 billion dollars and 17.8 million customers in the EU and Eastern Europe, Raiffeisen Bank’s decision clearly indicates the accelerated adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially in regions with increasing regulatory clarity.

Chadha emphasized: 

“Customers will be able to use the Raiffeisen app to access Bitpanda through their mobile device, making the experience familiar and secure, similar to a traditional bank transfer.”

This service, unlike those of other banks aimed at wealthy investors, aims to satisfy digitally savvy customers who wish to contribute in a more modest way. 

The regulation of Bitpanda by the Austrian Financial Market Authority and the German BaFin provides additional security to the service.

Note that in 2020, Raiffeisen Bank started developing a blockchain-based platform for the tokenization of the national currency. 

This further demonstrates its commitment to innovation through commercial finance experiments with the R3 blockchain network Marco Polo.

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