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Arthur Hayes Forecasts Bitcoin Price Adjustment; InQubeta Emerges as AI Market Leader


In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies, where fortunes can be made or lost with a single tweet, two significant players are grabbing the headlines. Arthur Hayes, the outspoken former CEO of BitMEX, has set the crypto community abuzz with his recent Bitcoin price adjustment forecast. Meanwhile, on a different front, altcoin Borroe Finance ($ROE) is making waves as the emerging leader in AI-driven financial solutions, built on the Polygon blockchain.


Hayes’ Crystal Ball: A 40% Bitcoin Price Adjustment?

Arthur Hayes, known for his candid views, has once again stepped into the spotlight with a bold prediction—Bitcoin might be on the verge of a 40% price adjustment come March. In a recent blog post, Hayes emphasized the potential impact of upcoming economic events, pointing a finger at the U.S. Federal Reserve’s role, especially as the Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP) faces expiration, coupled with the Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) imminent decision on interest rates.

Crypto Community Brace for Impact

With the crypto community hanging on to every word of Hayes, there’s a sense of anticipation and perhaps a tinge of anxiety. The period between March 12th and March 20th, marking the gap between the BTFP’s conclusion and the FOMC’s decision, is seen as a potential hotspot for market turbulence. Hayes suggests this period might witness bank failures, necessitating intervention from the Federal Reserve, leading to Bitcoin’s volatility.

Silver Lining: Bitcoin Halving Event in April

While Hayes paints a cautionary picture, he also identifies a potential silver lining on the horizon. The Bitcoin block subsidy halving scheduled for April could be the catalyst for a positive price trend. Hayes expects increased institutional investment and broader adoption of Bitcoin, mirroring historical patterns where crises lead to swift rebounds.

Borroe Finance: The Rising Star in AI-Powered Finance

Amidst the Bitcoin turbulence forecast, Borroe Finance is making strides in the realm of AI-driven financial solutions. This innovative platform, built on the Polygon blockchain, is not just another crypto project but a pioneer in addressing the financing needs of Web3 businesses and content creators.


AI-Powered Funding Revolution

Borroe Finance stands at the forefront of a crowdfunding revolution, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to expedite and enhance the funding process. The platform acts as a bridge, connecting cash-rich investors with businesses and content creators seeking funding.

NFTs and Future Earnings: A Paradigm Shift

The platform introduces a novel concept by allowing individuals and businesses to mint NFTs representing their future revenue streams. These NFTs can be sold on the Borroe Finance marketplace, providing immediate liquidity pools for businesses. This ingenious approach transforms future earnings into upfront cash, creating a win-win for investors and creators.

Built on Polygon Blockchain: A Commitment to Security

Borroe Finance’s commitment to security is reinforced by its foundation on the Polygon blockchain. This ensures all transactions are secure, transparent, and aligned with the principles of Web3, emphasizing transparency, decentralization, and inclusivity.

$ROE Tokenomics: Powering the Borroe Finance Ecosystem

At the heart of Borroe Finance lies the $ROE governance tokens. These tokens play a pivotal role in the platform’s ecosystem, offering crossfi functionalities and services. From governance to utility, $ROE tokens drive the engine of Borroe Finance.

Presale Success: Seizing the Opportunity

As Borroe Finance advances through its presale stages, the numbers speak volumes. In Stage 4, the presale has already seen over 219 million $ROE tokens sold, amounting to over $2.5 million. Priced at $0.0190, this success story is not just about FOMO but sets the stage for the platform’s promising future.

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