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Boom of BTC for Tether: climbing the Bitcoin holders rankings

In a strategic move indicative of Tether’s commitment to diversified asset management, the leading stablecoin provider has acquired an additional 8,888 bitcoins for $380 million, consolidating its position as the 11th largest holder of the crypto. 

This noteworthy development aligns with Tether’s broader strategy, announced in May 2023, to allocate a significant portion of its profits, up to 15%, in bitcoin, marking a deliberate departure from the traditional assets that support its USDT stablecoin.

Tether strengthens its holdings in Bitcoin, securing the eleventh position among BTC holders

Tether, a prominent player in the realm of stablecoins, has significantly increased its holdings in bitcoin with a strategic move at the end of the fourth quarter. 

The recent report from The Block reveals that Tether has acquired an additional 8,888 bitcoins, investing a total of $380 million in the process.

This acquisition moves Tether up to the 11th position among the largest holders of bitcoin, according to the ranking provided by Dune Analytics.

The address linked to Tether shows an impressive total of 66,465 bitcoins, highlighting the company’s commitment to diversify its portfolio beyond traditional assets. This move is in line with Tether’s announcement in May 2023, where it stated its intention to allocate up to 15% of its profits to bitcoin.

This strategic change aims to move away from conventional assets such as cash and US Treasury securities that back its stablecoin USDT.

Being the largest stablecoin in the world, with a market capitalization of over 95 billion dollars, USDT holds a central position in the cryptocurrency market.

Tether’s move to strengthen its holdings in bitcoin testifies to its proactive approach in adapting to the evolving dynamics of the digital asset landscape.

In its latest attestation report, Tether stated that it holds $72.6 billion in government securities and a whopping $1.7 billion in bitcoin, demonstrating a balanced diversification across different asset classes. 

Tether’s solid financial position

This meticulous allocation strategy reflects Tether’s commitment to maintaining a strong and secure financial position.

Although Tether has historically faced criticism regarding the quality of its assets, Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick, whose company acts as a custodian for Tether, responded to skeptics this week, providing reassurances about the legitimacy of Tether’s holdings. 

The statement of a reliable custodian adds credibility to Tether’s asset management practices and dispels doubts about the transparency of its portfolio.

It is worth noting that Tether’s entry into bitcoin dates back to September 2022, when the Switzerland-based company made its first purchase of the leading cryptocurrency. 

Since then, Tether has always demonstrated a strategic and forward-thinking approach to its investment strategy.


In conclusion, the strategic acquisition of 8,888 BTC for 380 million dollars highlights Tether’s dynamic approach to asset management in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

The move not only elevates Tether to the eleventh position among bitcoin holders, but also confirms its commitment to embracing digital assets as a crucial component of its portfolio. 

The deliberate choice of Tether, announced in May 2023, to allocate profits in bitcoin reflects a forward-thinking strategy, moving away from conventional assets such as cash and US Treasury securities.

While Tether continues to undergo quality checks on its assets, the recent reassurance from Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick adds a level of credibility to the legitimacy of its holdings. 

With 1.7 billion dollars in bitcoin and a whopping 72.6 billion dollars in government bonds, Tether’s attestation report exemplifies a balanced and resilient financial position. 

As a key player in the stablecoin market, Tether’s proactive approach positions it at the forefront of innovation, ready to navigate the complexities of the blockchain industry.