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Bitget: empowering women with the Blockchain4Her initiative worth $10 million

Bitget has announced the Blockchain4Her initiative aimed at empowering women by promoting inclusivity in the industry. 

The famous crypto-exchange has committed 10 million dollars for the new project. 

Bitget and the power to women with the Blockchain4Her initiative with a commitment of 10 million dollars

The famous crypto-exchange Bitget has launched a new initiative dedicated to empowering women: Blockchain4Her

Bitget Blockchain4Her

In order to succeed in the mission of promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in the blockchain sector, Bitget has already committed 10 million dollars. 

Specifically, the announcement was made during the Web3 Hub Davos event hosted by CV Labs, during the World Economic Forum 2024. 

Bitget has shown its commitment to promoting female entrepreneurship and recognizing the achievements of women in the blockchain and Web3 space.

“To give power, not just consume! Yip ThyDiep Ta, CEO of http://J3D.Al (Jedi) Labs, supports the well-being of all founders, especially women. How do you support it? Share below! #Blockchain4Her”

In general, Blockchain4Her aims to increase awareness and aims to promote collective efforts to create a more inclusive funding landscape.

Bitget and Blockchain4Her: the three key initiatives of the project for women in the industry

Currently, the crypto-exchange has highlighted the three key initiatives of Blockchain4Her. 

1. Incubation programs for female entrepreneurs and pitch competitions. These programs will provide comprehensive support, mentorship, and resources, enabling women to navigate and succeed in the blockchain industry. Moreover, Blockchain4Her will host pitch competitions for women-founded startups, offering them a platform to showcase their innovations and secure potential investments.

2. Women in Blockchain Summit & Awards. This is an exclusive experience that celebrates and recognizes the exceptional achievements of women in the blockchain space. Through the summit, networking opportunities will be created; through the awards, new women will be inspired to actively participate and grow their careers in the blockchain industry. 

3. Ambassadors Program dedicated to industry leaders who want to support gender diversity in blockchain. Blockchain4Her ambassadors will be required to engage and lead positive changes, promoting an inclusive environment.

In this regard, the managing director of Bitget, Gracy Chen, said:

“In a rapidly evolving industry, diversity and inclusion are essential for sustainable growth. Blockchain4Her reflects our commitment to bridging the gender gap in the blockchain sector. Through incubation programs, pitch competitions, and recognition events, we aim to empower women to take on leadership roles in the Web3 and blockchain space. This initiative aligns with our broader vision of creating a fairer and more inclusive future through the power of blockchain.”

The success of Blockchain4Youth and Bitget Builders Program

The new Blockchain4Her project by Bitget comes after a great success achieved by the Blockchain4Youth project and the Bitget Builders Program. 

Launched in May 2023, Blockchain4Youth has proven to be a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project. Its goal is to create a future based on blockchain, inspiring young people to adopt Web3 tools and crypto.

Just like for Blockchain4Her, a $10 million investment has been established for the Blockchain4Youth initiative in the next 5 years. 

The Bitget Builders Program, instead, represents a fundamental part of Blockchain4Youth, aimed at attracting young talents to provide them with a comprehensive education on crypto, blockchain, and Web3. 

Last November 2023, Bitget Builders introduced limited edition NFTs to pay tribute to loyal contributors in the crypto and digital wallet world.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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