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The Best Dapp Browsers for Android and iOS Devices

We live in an age of many web browsers. The poly-browser era, if you will. While most of these serve as general purpose internet browsers, some are engineered for accessing a specific part of the web. That’s certainly the case with dapp browsers, the means by which decentralized applications can be reached.

Both Android and Apple users are well served by an array of dapp browsers, many of which are incorporated into crypto wallet apps. These make it easy to not only store digital assets, but to make use of them as well, be it exploring the opportunities for yield within DeFi or minting NFTs from your favorite digital artists.

The best dapp browsers not only provide access to a curated list of popular dapps: they do so in a manner that is frictionless, making web3 as easy to navigate as web2. If you’re intent on accessing blockchain protocols while on the go, consider one of the following dapp browsers.


Core is an excellent mobile wallet when it comes to onboarding, its seedless design simplifying getting started, with support for social logins such as Google or Apple. The user-friendly design is also a plus, making web3 feel intuitive, even to first-time users who are more accustomed to web2. But it’s the built-in dapp browser with support for more than 300 decentralized applications that makes Core so essential.

Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all EVM-compatible blockchains are supported and there’s integrated bridging, making it easy to move your assets to where the greatest opportunities lie. Core makes use of Avalanche’s low latency and fees while providing wider connectivity to Bitcoin and other chains including dapps, NFTs, Subnets, and Layer 2 networks. As such, it’s a good-all rounder for dapp browsing and interaction.

OKX Wallet

OKX is a non-custodial wallet developed by OKX exchange. It’s available for mobile and, once installed, will allow you to connect to OKX NFT Marketplace, discover DeFi, and connect to dapps. As an all-in-one wallet and trading app, OKX Wallet can also be used to trade digital assets on OKX exchange.

But it’s the built-in dapp browser that elevates OKX Wallet into a powerful tool for tapping into web3. OKX Wallet provides access to thousands of DeFi and GameFi experiences. This includes the ability to connect to DeFi protocols such as Aave, Uniswap, and Axie Infinity. You can also use OKX to interact with DAOs and participate in onchain governance, making it a good all-rounder for experiencing the best opportunities to be found onchain.


Crypto’s most popular web wallet for web3 is also available for iOS and Android and the MetaMask mobile wallet acquits itself well. In fact there’s a case for saying that MetaMask’s mobile wallet is superior to its web one. The mobile version includes a fiat onramp, available in over 190 countries, and it also syncs with the web version, making it possible to import an existing account into the mobile app.

To explore dapps within the MetaMask app, just enter the URL into the built-in browser. As MetaMask explains, its dapp browser contains less features than a conventional web browser but “if you’re trying to mint an NFT on the go, or check out a new web3 project that you might want to spend some time on later, it’s just the right solution.”


Opera was the first web browser to include a crypto wallet, and it’s maintained its commitment to web3 by incorporating a dapp browser for connecting to popular decentralized applications. The fact that Opera is a browser developer by trade, and as such devotes significant effort to optimizing the entire web browsing experience, makes its dapp browser feel smooth and seamless.

Opera provides connectivity to EVM chains, Bitcoin, Solana, and much more. There’s support for leading NFT marketplaces and there are also integrated swaps. As a result, you don’t even need to enter the URL for a DEX to trade between tokens. Support for crypto domains such as ENS and Fio, coupled with a nice portfolio manager, make this an excellent browser for both the centralized and decentralized web.


MyEtherWallet, better known as MEW, is one of the oldest and most trusted Ethereum wallets. The mobile version of MEW is every bit as good as the original desktop build. There’s naturally support for all ERC20 tokens, but the dapp browser is where MyEtherWallet excels. One of its best features is phishing detection, providing an alert before you interact with a suspicious smart contract.

You can create multiple accounts and manage them within the one app and the portfolio checker shows not only fungible tokens, but also NFTs. MEW’s only major drawback is that it’s Ethereum only. While the bulk of all DeFi activity centers around Ethereum, support for other EVM and non-EVM chains would earn MEW rave reviews.

Do It All With a Dapp Browser

The smartphone is the one device that accompanies us everywhere. And a wallet or browser application that supports web3 is the only app you need to explore a world of dapps. Select a good dapp browser and there’s very little that can be done on desktop that you can’t do on your phone, whether that’s trading, gaming, or SoFi. 

For user experience coupled with the number and quality of dapps supported, Core emerges with top marks. Closely following behind is MetaMask, while Opera is a good option for those who want a web browser first and dapp explorer second.