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iCandy and Animoca Brands revolutionize gaming in the metaverse with ‘Snaky Cat’ on Coinbase Base

In a recent strategic collaboration with Animoca Brands, iCandy introduces ‘Snaky Cat’ into the gaming and metaverse world through the Base L2 platform incubated by Coinbase.

Let’s see below all the details. 

‘Snaky Cat’ debuts on Base, Coinbase’s L2 platform: new gaming experiences in the metaverse

As anticipated, iCandy Interactive Limited has officially launched the Web3 game Snaky Cat on the Base blockchain, a level 2 solution incubated by Coinbase.

Animoca Brands, a leader in supporting digital property rights in gaming and the metaverse, is a strategic partner in this iCandy initiative, contributing to the design and implementation of key aspects of Snaky Cat’s Web3 components.

With a vast community of over 370 million players worldwide, iCandy is a renowned game developer both in Australia and Southeast Asia. 

The affiliated studio of iCandy, Appxplore, is internationally known for creating innovative and successful games, recognized with awards such as the title of best game of the year on Google Play and other important recognitions.

Snaky Cat, a Web3 multiplayer title, allows players to control a ‘unique cat’ with a body similar to that of a snake, which feeds on food to grow bigger and bigger.

The game captures the essence of classic ‘snake games’, while simultaneously introducing the Web3 dimension of Play-and-Earn, allowing players to participate in a cryptocurrency prize pool denominated in TOWER tokens. 

This is a governance and utility token for the TOWER ecosystem, which includes titles like Crazy Kings, Crazy Defense Heroes, Chaos Kingdom, and, of course, Snaky Cat.

Base represents a secure, cost-effective, and easily developable Ethereum L2 solution, designed to bring the next billion users to the blockchain. 

This platform was launched by Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, with a quarterly trading volume of 92 billion dollars.

Snaky Cat: from classic gaming to the web3 metaverse experience on Base 

Paying homage to the iconic snake games of the past, Snaky Cat offers simple and engaging game mechanics. 

The players start with a timer, which runs out when it reaches zero. During this period, they guide their ‘serpentine’ felines to consume food that gives a significant growth to the cat. 

The competition intensifies with the hunt for powerups to extend the timer, avoid obstacles, and outperform the other cats.

Connecting the wallet is essential before starting, requiring a purchasable ticket with TOWER tokens.

Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, has shared his excitement for the launch on Base, highlighting how Snaky Cat adds functionality and utility to an established token.

Kin Wai Lau, President of the iCandy group, emphasized the company’s commitment to the Web3 space, highlighting the collaboration with Animoca Brands and Coinbase for the launch of Snaky Cat on Base.

Jesse Pollak, creator of Base, stated that the launch on Base has been an exciting journey, highlighting the goal of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to get involved in the onchain. 

The enthusiasm is directed towards projects like Snaky Cat, which embrace Base and push the boundaries of onchain gaming, contributing to a more inclusive and connected digital future.

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