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Spike in Ether trading volume in the month of January

In January, the options trading landscape on Ether saw an unprecedented surge, reaching its highest monthly trading volume, as reported by analysts. 

Ether options trading reaches all-time high volume in January

The remarkable escalation of trading activity has pushed the total volume to an impressive figure of 17.9 billion dollars among the main crypto derivatives exchanges, a remarkable result with still five days left in the month, according to The Block’s Data Dashboard.

The prevailing market conditions that have led to this surge are characterized by a significant increase in the price of Ether, which has recorded a rise of almost 2% in the last 24 hours. 

At the time of reporting, Ether was traded at $2,249, reinforcing the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market.

By analyzing the data on GreeksLive options, it emerged that approximately 932,000 options on Ether expired on various centralized derivative exchanges on Friday at 3:00 a.m. ET. This influx of expirations highlights the increased interest and participation of market traders in Ether options trading during this period.

A crucial parameter for understanding sentiment within the options market is the put-call ratio for open interest in Ether options. 

As indicated by GreeksLive, the put-call ratio has settled at 0.31 ahead of Friday’s expiration. This data is in line with analysts’ findings, who highlighted a put-call ratio of 0.3 for Deribit’s Ether options shortly before expiration. 

Bullish sentiment for Ether thanks to options trading

In the options market, a put-call ratio below 0.7 traditionally indicates a bullish sentiment, indicative of a greater number of calls (options to buy) compared to puts (options to sell). 

On the contrary, a put-call ratio above 1 is generally interpreted as a bearish sentiment.

Examining the specific data of open interest by volume, Deribit’s data reveals that the largest cohort is concentrated in the calls for the expiration of February 16th, with a strike price of $2,350. 

This concentration suggests a bullish perspective among derivatives traders, with the forecast that the price of Ether will surpass this level by mid-February.

In conjunction with the increasing trading activity on options, the price of Ether has shown resistance and growth, recording an increase of almost 2% in the last 24 hours. This upward movement further highlights market dynamics and the optimism surrounding Ether’s trajectory.

In this context of increased trading, it is essential to delve into the implications and factors contributing to these remarkable market activities.

The increase in options trading volume not only highlights greater market participation, but also indicates a growing sophistication among crypto traders who use derivatives to navigate and capitalize on market movements. 

The emphasis on call options, particularly those with a strike price of $2,350 for the expiration on February 16th, indicates the collective expectation that the price of Ether will surpass this threshold in the near future. 

This concentration of open interests at a specific exercise price reflects a shared sentiment among derivative traders, further contributing to the overall narrative of positive market prospects.

How important is the role of options trading?

The evolution of dynamics in the cryptocurrency market, especially in the context of Ether, draws attention to the role of options trading as a strategic tool for risk management and speculation. 

The fact that market participants are increasingly turning to options to express their views on price movements accentuates the need for a nuanced understanding of derivatives and the underlying factors that influence their prices and trading behavior.

In addition, insights based on data provided by platforms like GreeksLive and The Block’s Data Dashboard play a fundamental role in enabling traders and investors to make informed decisions. 

Real-time monitoring of option expirations, put-call ratios, and open interest provides valuable information to market traders seeking to navigate the complexity of the options market and make well-informed trading decisions.

In light of the record volume of options trading on Ether, it becomes imperative for market observers, analysts, and participants to closely monitor evolving trends and sentiments. The cryptocurrency market’s ability to adapt and innovate, especially in the derivatives space, highlights the maturation of this ecosystem.

With the progress of the month and the availability of additional data, it will be interesting to see how the Ether options market will continue to shape and respond to market forces.

 The interaction between price movements, options trading activity, and the broader market sentiment presents a dynamic landscape that requires vigilance and analytical acumen from participants.


In conclusion, the surge in trading volume of Ether options in January reflects a confluence of factors, including bullish market sentiment, strategic use of derivatives, and the evolution of the cryptocurrency trading landscape.

The next few days promise further insights into market dynamics, offering both opportunities and challenges for participants navigating the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency derivatives.