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Analyst Predicts Solana’s Surge to $750; Hedera and InQubeta Demonstrate Significant Market Gains


As we continue to evaluate the Bitcoin ETF market effects, Solana has been on a huge run after projects on their network like BONK and Dogwifahat have gone up tremendously. Now, experts are predicting SOL could skyrocket to $750. Next, we’ve got some news about projects Hedera and InQubeta, which are a couple of hidden gems in this current market.

Solana Surging

Solana is steadily growing, despite some external FUD. In 2023, the Solana ecosystem experienced a significant boost in developer retention, surging from 31% to over 50% in a three-month period, as reported by the Solana Foundation. This improvement was attributed to enhanced developer onboarding processes and increased opportunities within the ecosystem.

The evaluation of retention rates focused on developers who consistently made at least one commit over three consecutive months. Notably, 400-500 Solana developers have graduated from various bootcamps every six months, contributing to a 500% growth in job listings throughout the year.

GitHub data revealed that the improved retention rate led to a consistent monthly active developer count ranging from 2,500 to 3,000 within the Solana ecosystem in 2023. The foundation highlighted advancements in tooling for multiple programming languages and additional educational resources as key factors contributing to the positive trend, while acknowledging areas like testing and debugging for potential improvement. This positions SOL as an excellent choice for investors.

Hedera Gets Whale Attention

The Hedera network has recently approved $408M of HBAR for ecosystem growth. The funds are part of Hedera’s goal to strengthen its base following its 2023 performance, with over 33 billion real-world transactions on the network.

The Hedera Global Governing Council, which oversees the Hedera network, has approved allocating 4.86 billion of the network’s native token, Hedera, worth roughly $408 million, for further development and advanced decentralized governance. 

In a blog post, the council said the lion’s share of the funds, 4.248 billion HBAR, will be directed toward existing initiatives, including the HBAR Foundation, the Hashgraph Association and the DLT Science Foundation.

The funds are part of Hedera’s goal to strengthen its base following its 2023 performance, with over 33 billion real-world transactions on the network. In addition to supporting ecosystem growth, 614.06 million HBAR will be used for the council’s operational costs and to compensate early simple agreements for future token buyers.

InQubeta Leading AI To New Frontiers

InQubeta is introducing a revolutionary approach to startup investment through its QUBE token. Positioned as the world’s first cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform, InQubeta enables fractional investment in AI startups using its deflationary ERC20 token, QUBE. With each investment opportunity tokenized as an NFT and fractionalized, investors can participate according to their budget while enjoying the benefits of being early backers.

InQubeta’s deflationary nature and connection to AI startups make it a huge best crypto to buy contender. The QUBE token stands out as one of the best crypto for beginners and is regarded as one of the best cryptocurrency choices for experts too. 

The platform’s NFT marketplace empowers AI startups to raise funds via reward and equity-based NFTs. Meanwhile, QUBE token holders can seamlessly invest in projects they believe in, fostering a symbiotic ecosystem that nurtures both investors and startups. The token’s unique deflationary mechanism incorporates a 2% tax on buy and sell transactions directed towards a burn wallet, bolstering token value. Furthermore, a 5% sell tax contributes to a dedicated reward pool, allowing holders to earn rewards by staking their tokens.

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Solana has continued its run recently and quickly proved that it is among the top altcoins  here to stay for the next bull cycle. SOL isn’t alone though, projects like Hedera and the renowned InQubeta are also making waves. 

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