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New Crypto Project eTuktuk Passes $700,000 In Presale – Hottest Altcoin of 2024?


Popular green crypto project eTukTuk, which aims to bring electric TukTuks to the market, has raised more than $700k in its presale. 

Accessible via the official website – – the presale has seen different crypto enthusiasts participating in this green crypto initiative. 

This project aims to bolster the electric vehicle market in the public transportation genre. 

What is eTukTuk?

Now that vehicles powered by internal combustion engines are becoming obsolete, as evidenced by multiple governments hoping to phase them out in the coming years, electric vehicles will take center stage. 

However, the infrastructure to make electric vehicles a norm is still weak, which eTukTuk is trying to address. 

Per the official website, a joint effort led by blockchain is needed to eradicate fossil fuel-powered tuk-tuks completely. To achieve this, eTukTuk is positioning itself as a crypto project to create opportunities for adopters to share an economic model to reduce CO2 emissions by providing a new mode of transportation. 

The platform aims to achieve this by strategically introducing two key components: EVSE and ZEVs.


EVSE, or Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (charging stations), is something that eTukTuk intends to incorporate throughout the e-vehicle ecosystem. 

Per the official whitepaper, these stations will be compliant with OCPP 2.0, which will bring interoperability to most electric vehicles. 

The project is also planning to consult with its territory partners to place EVSE in convenient locations. Furthermore, the platform doesn’t want to depend on local power grids, opting for solar-powered charging stations instead, allowing electric vehicles access to a sustainable charging network. 


eTukTuk is also providing zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs), which are said to be fully compatible with the charging stations. The project explains that ZEVs are proprietary, and to make them, only 200 components are required. 

The whitepaper states that 85% of the materials needed will be sourced domestically, and the batteries will also also undergo changes as the technology advances. 

eTukTuk Introduces Power Staking and a Sharing Economy 

At the heart of this green ecosystem lies the TUK token. This utility token will power the ecosystem through carefully designed tokenomics, which will bring rewards to long-term network participants. 

These participants will be able to stake their TUK tokens and earn rewards in return. 

These rewards will mostly come in the form of a share of charging fees from the EVSEs. 

Key Applications of The eTukTuk Ecosystem

eTukTuk is bringing two front-facing applications for the major players of the ecosystem: drivers and passengers. 

Driver App

The drivers will be able to access the driver app and will use it to charge their eTukTuks at the charging stations. The mode of transaction will be the TUK utility token. 

Passenger App

eTukTuk plans to launch a passenger app after the network. For now, the app’s functionalities have not been revealed. 

eTukTuk is Also Launching a P2E Game

eTukTuk game

eTukTuk is also bringing a fun aspect to the gameplay with its P2E game. Inspired by Crazy Taxi, the game will feature an eTukTuk driver who will ride around Sri Lanka to pick up and drop off customers. 

eTukTuk Tokenomics 

There are 2 billion TUK tokens in total, which are divided in the following format: 

  1. 5% for liquidity 
  2. 4% for presale staking
  3. 6% to presale
  4. 10% for community fund
  5. 10% for the team
  6. 10% for marketing
  7. 20% for project operations
  8. 20% for power staking
  9. 15% will be reserved for the company  

eTukTuk Presale Crosses $700k 

eTukTuk has raised more than $700k in its ongoing presale. The presale is tiered, meaning those who participate today will be able to get TUK tokens at a discounted price of $0.02625 before the price increases in the next stage. 

To learn more about this new crypto project, visit

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