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Possible solution to the mystery of the FTX exchange hack: the United States accuses three individuals

With a surprising twist, the long-standing mystery surrounding the FTX exchange hack seems to have found a solution. 

The federal government of the United States has officially accused three individuals: Robert Powell, Carter Rohn, and Emily Hernandez, of a sophisticated telephone hacking conspiracy that led to the infamous theft of 400 million dollars from a cryptocurrency exchange. 

The accusation of the USA against potential culprits of the FTX exchange hack

Although the federal accusation does not explicitly mention FTX by Sam Bankman-Fried as the target company, Bloomberg, relying on insider information, reported that FTX was indeed the victim.

This revelation sheds light on one of the most thorny questions that remained after the collapse of FTX: the disappearance of hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies immediately after the bankruptcy protection request from the exchange.

The charges against Powell, Rohn, and Hernandez include participation in a criminal organization aimed at telematic fraud and identity theft in relation to the management of a SIM swapping scheme. 

This group of cyber criminals is accused of targeting fifty victims between March 2021 and April 2023, engaging in a series of phone hacking to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

However, the most audacious exploit occurred on November 11, 2022, when they managed to steal 400 million dollars from an unnamed company.

Although the accusation does not openly identify the victim as FTX, Bloomberg sources have indicated the cryptocurrency exchange as the entity affected. The trio allegedly gained access to an FTX employee through a SIM swap attack conducted via AT&T.

Subsequently, they carried out the unauthorized transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency, adding an additional layer of complexity to the FTX saga.

The cryptocurrency exchange FTX, founded by Sam Bankman-Fried, has faced a tumultuous period characterized by financial difficulties and legal issues. The exchange has filed for bankruptcy protection, leaving investors and the cryptocurrency community concerned about the fate of their assets. 

The sudden disappearance of large sums of cryptocurrencies has added a mysterious aura to the situation, with many hypotheses about the potential involvement of external actors.

The impact on FTX and the cryptocurrency community

Bloomberg’s revelation about the involvement of Powell, Rohn, and Hernandez in the theft of $400 million from FTX provides a concrete answer to the lingering questions. 

The sophisticated SIM swapping attack orchestrated by the trio not only compromised the security of the exchange, but also demonstrated the vulnerabilities inherent in the cryptocurrency sector.

The charges against the three individuals shed light on the broader implications of cybersecurity threats that cryptocurrency exchanges must face. 

FTX, one of the main operators in the cryptocurrency market, has suffered a severe blow due to this sophisticated hacking operation. The stolen funds amount to a staggering $400 million, contributing to the financial turmoil that has led FTX to seek bankruptcy protection.

The incident highlights the need to strengthen security measures in the cryptocurrency sector to protect against constantly evolving cyber threats. 

Exchanges need to reassess and strengthen their security protocols to protect users’ assets and maintain the trust of the growing cryptocurrency community. The FTX hack serves as a reminder that even industry giants are susceptible to well-coordinated and sophisticated cyber attacks.

The federal indictment represents a significant milestone in the fight against cybercrime in the cryptocurrency space. 

The law enforcement agencies are taking a proactive stance in identifying and prosecuting individuals involved in hacking operations, sending a strong message that such activities will not go unpunished.

The outcome of the legal procedure will set a precedent for future investigations into cybersecurity in the cryptocurrency sector. 

The FTX hack and the subsequent accusations against Powell, Rohn, and Hernandez highlight the importance of collaboration between cryptocurrency exchanges and law enforcement agencies to effectively mitigate cyber threats.


The resolution of the FTX hacking mystery with the indictment of Powell, Rohn, and Hernandez closes a dark chapter in the cryptocurrency industry. 

The charges provide food for thought on the vulnerabilities of exchanges and the imperative need to increase security measures. 

With the advancement of legal proceedings, the case will likely shape the future landscape of cybersecurity in the cryptocurrency space, highlighting the collective responsibility of exchanges, regulatory authorities, and law enforcement in safeguarding the integrity of the digital asset ecosystem.