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Crypto horoscope from February 5th to 11th

New week, new crypto horoscope dedicated to the upcoming week from February 5th to 11th.

This week will be characterized by two transits:

  • Mercury enters Aquarius from Monday 5/2;
  • New Moon in Aquarius on Friday 9/2.

For several months now, we have been dedicating space to the crypto horoscope written by Stefania Stimolo, an expert in astrology and blockchain. It is a weekly column with the horoscope for each zodiac sign available every Sunday only on The Cryptonomist. 

In our slogan of “Telling the Future”, we wanted to delve into the topic, jokingly speaking, with this entertainment column. 

The crypto horoscope

We call it crypto horoscope simply because it uses industry terminology. 

Words like NFT, metaverse, and Over-The-Counter to describe actions and scenarios, but also trading terminology like bullish, bull run, bear market, or dump to identify the mood of each zodiac sign during the days of the week.

Obviously, the famous to-the-moon cannot be missing to indicate the mood of that sign! 

In general, you may experience a period of “hard-fork”, meaning an inner split, or pass your lightning torch to the next zodiac sign, considering that the Sun is transitioning to the next sign. 

Or, simply, you need to reflect on some situations that are in “verify”, that is when the planet is in dissonance with the zodiac sign. Not only that, with each new change of guard of the Sun through the constellations of the zodiac, the roadmap of each sign will touch a new step. 

Obviously no investment advice is given, in fact, it is pure entertainment, just like any other horoscope. It must be said that there are many beginners in the field who have understood the specific crypto terminology also thanks to the horoscope on The Cryptonomist. 

“Don’t Trust, Verify”

Astrology is not an exact science, but it wants to predict the future in its own way. So why not associate the typical phrase of the blockchain “Don’t Trust, Verify” here as well. 

And indeed, what the author wants to propose is her interpretation of the planetary transits that occur during the week, describing the reaction of each zodiac sign, following the “logic” of traditional astrology. 

For those who are astrology enthusiasts, they could stay updated even just on the transits that are communicated weekly, which somehow influence us. A Mercury Retrograde, as well as the days of the Full Moon. 

Others, on the other hand, may access the dedicated page, which is updated every Sunday, and read the horoscope of their zodiac sign, their rising sign, or why not, even the horoscope of friends and loved ones. 

And so, just for entertainment purposes, don’t waste time and click here to read your horoscope for this week!