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MultiversX (formerly Elrond): crypto data available on Google BigQuery

MultiversX, formerly known as Elrond, the crypto of sharding on distributed public networks is now available on Google BigQuery. All users who have an account on the Google search engine can now obtain information about the blockchain. 

MultiversX (formerly Elrond): the sharding crypto incorporates its data on Google BigQuery

Important crypto news for MultiversX, previously known as Elrond, which sees its blockchain data embedded in Google BigQuery. 

This is a significant milestone that opens access to blockchain data in a simple way. In fact, the search engine giant, Google, incorporates MultiversX blockchain data streams on the Internet and makes them readily available. 

In practice, anyone with a Google account can now obtain information about the MultiversX network. 

On the page of the MultiversX dataset, there are some sample queries for quick use, in order to understand how it works.

So it is possible to obtain information about details on the latest blocks, the count of daily transactions, the largest EGLD transfers in a specific period of time, or the most used smart contracts.

MultiversX (formerly Elrond): the crypto embedded in Google BigQuery

Thanks to the new integration, developers and projects using MultiversX to perform and record actions on the chain now have access to a new important tool for their toolkit. 

And in fact, with the help of Google BigQuery, they can perform a thorough analysis of the product to understand their users’ behavior and evaluate what the product development priorities are.

In this regard, Lucian Mincu, CIO of the MultiversX Foundation, said: 

“The analysis and interpretation of data to reveal insights and useful information about product usage is a relatively unexplored science compared to its potential usefulness for the web3 space. Having Google solve a large part of the problem for MultiversX projects is an important step in making dApps better, more useful, and more appealing to the masses.”

The service is provided through MultiversX ETL, a tool developed by the central team of the Layer 1 smart contract platform, which extracts, transforms, and feeds Google BigQuery with blockchain data at hourly intervals.

MultiversX also involves Google Cloud, collaborating on various Web3 acceleration initiatives dedicated to startups, developers, and hackathons. The former Elrond project is also a partner at the Google Cloud booth at GITEX Global, Dubai 2023.

EGLD Price

At the time of writing, EGLD is worth $53.41, a middle ground between the Christmas 2023 highs above $72, and the October 2023 lows, when the price of EGLD reached $22. 

The price trend of MultiversX (EGLD) has been very jagged in the last month, ranging from peaks of $59 to $46. 

EGLD is ranked 51st in terms of market capitalization, with a current total market cap of 1.4 billion dollars. In the last 24 hours, trading volumes have increased by 12%. 

Last November 2023, EGLD was in 48th place in terms of popularity, despite the price at that time was $40.31. In that month, the crypto project had announced that it was dedicating itself to the construction of its own hub in Seoul, South Korea.

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