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Analyst Predicts Steep Ethereum Drop Below $1,000: The Graph Rival Ascends in Rankings


Ethereum’s (ETH) price growth has lost lots of momentum since prices failed to hold above $2,400. Cryptocurrency prices, in general, have been on the decline ever since the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision on Bitcoin ETFs failed to deliver the price surges many analysts predicted. 

Cryptocurrency analyst Peter Brandt expects ETH prices to continue to decline and go as low as $1,000. However, many cryptocurrency investors remain optimistic as Bitcoin (BTC) is still expected to enjoy exponential growth once solid support has been found. 

ETH investors might want to consider swapping their holdings for InQubeta while prices cool off, given the 220% returns the new DeFi project has enjoyed since its presale started. InQubeta has raised over $8.6 million so far, and it looks to provide a more accessible way to invest in artificial intelligence (AI). 

The Graph is another AI-focused crypto that some analysts are calling a good crypto investment. Its prices grew 3x during the last three months of 2023, but prices have dropped 15% in the last month. 

Analysts declare InQubeta (QUBE) is the best crypto investment you can make right now 

While Bitcoin’s expected growth has been getting most of the hype these days, there’s a strong possibility that InQubeta will outperform the king of cryptocurrencies this year. It delivered bigger returns to its investors in 2023, growing their investments by 220%, while Bitcoin only grew about 150%.

The separation between BTC and InQubeta will likely be larger this year, given the different stages in their development. BTC is expected to increase in value by up to 400% this year, while QUBE prices are expected to surge as much as 10,000% once launched on exchanges. 

InQubeta’s investment space is built on the Ethereum network, allowing it to use tools like non-fungible tokens and smart contracts to create its investment space. 

Decentralized AI investments

InQubeta connects artificial intelligence startups with funding resources by allowing them to create ERC20 coins that signify equity or reward-based investment opportunities. These tokens cannot be duplicated, and their authenticity can easily be verified on the blockchain. 

Investors purchase the project’s governance and native token with fiat or cryptocurrencies and use it to buy non-fungible tokens on the network. They can also hold on to their QUBE and earn profits as prices increase. Liquidity won’t be an issue in the ecosystem since investors can resell their NFTs on the marketplace whenever they decide to. 

Ethereum (ETH) prices could be headed to $1,000

Peter Brandt pointed to bearish patterns on price charts when he suggested prices could drop as low as $1,000 soon. Prices falling that low would likely trigger an upswing, as many investors would be happy to buy in that cheap. 

BTC is still expected to grow exponentially, and that will likely carry over to top altcoins like Ethereum. Ethereum could also end up posting historic highs if BTC prices surge as high as $160,000 as predicted. 

The Graph (GRT) prices getting ready to surge

GRT prices grew exponentially during the last months of 2023, and it’s positioned to enjoy long-term growth thanks to the solutions it provides in DeFi and Web3 spaces. Its indexing protocol is used to query blockchains like the Ethereum network, allowing for the creation of powerful decentralized applications that can query other networks for information. 

GRT’s utility makes it one of the best AI altcoins to invest in, but it likely won’t be able to keep up with InQubeta’s growth. 


QUBE and GRT will probably bring investors considerable profits this year, and a case can be made for ETH as well. QUBE is ideally positioned for long-term growth thanks to the accessible investment space it provides to those who want to be part of the AI revolution. 

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