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Crypto Watch: Who Are The Winners of the Week?


The cryptocurrency market witnessed an eventful week with several tokens making substantial gains. However, three cryptocurrencies stood out- Flare, Ronin, and Galaxy Fox. Flare increased by over 50%, Ronin by almost 30%, and $GFOX stole the spotlight as enthusiastic participation by investors pushed it close to raising $3.5 million in presale. This rapid growth has made $GFOX one of the best meme coins to buy in 2024.

Flare Sees over 50% Pump, Google Partnership Paving the Way for Future Development

Flare, the native token of the Flare Network, a layer 1 EVM blockchain network has been on a steady rise over the past few weeks. It rose by a whopping 50% within the last 7 days and it has also increased by an approximately 80% over the last one year till date.

The Flare network is driving innovation by providing developers with decentralized access to high-integrity data. The network has achieved notable milestones over the course of its existence. 

In a move many crypto analysts have described as significant, Flare Network recently announced that Google Cloud is now officially recognized as an infrastructure provider on its blockchain network. This means Google Cloud will act as both a contributor and validator to the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO).

The $FLR token as a result enjoyed weeks of bullish run and investors are optimistic that this partnership will serve as a catalyst that would propel $FLR tokens to a significant all time high before the end of the year.

Ronin Price Gains 30% Amidst Pixels Play-to-Earn Initiative

Although Ronin was initially created to support Axie Infinity in 2021, recent developments within the game have played a crucial role in driving up the value of the $RON token. 

The introduction of a play-to-earn campaign by Pixels, a vintage role-playing game, has been a catalyst. This campaign rewards players with PIXEL tokens, leading to a surge in both the game’s popularity and the number of users on the Ronin network.

The demand for $RON, the native token of the Ronin network, has enjoyed a considerable pump. The price of $RON climbed from $2.69 on January 29th, to $3.49 by February 4th, signaling a 30% increase. Over the past month, the value of $RON has seen an impressive overall surge of more than 50%. The token is currently seeing a retracement since its Binance listing, but this is a good chance to buy the dip as Ronin’s fundamentals remain extremely strong. A Coinbase listing is next, so watch support levels closely for the best buying opportunities.

Axie Infinity, now on the Ronin network, gained widespread recognition in 2021. It attained success with millions of active gamers and generated billions of dollars in revenue that year.

$GFOX Closes in on $3.5 Million as Presale Shatters Expectations

Galaxy Fox has been the center of attention since the start of its token presale. This presale has surpassed all expectations and it’s close to making almost $3.5 million in $GFOX token sales alone.

Galaxy Fox is more than just a crypto network, It is a web3 play to earn blockchain gaming platform with several revenue streams for players and investors. its features include a runner game, an NFT marketplace with over 3000 distinct NFTs tradable on the platform and other NFT marketplace like OpenSea.

One of the keys to Galaxy Fox’s success is its creative tokenomics framework featuring a deflationary mechanism to inherently increase the value of $GFOX tokens. This deflationary mechanism involves token burn to reduce supply and ultimately increase value.

$GFOX is currently in stage 7 of its presale and almost 98% of the tokens allocated for this stage are already sold. It is expected to transition into stage 8 where the token price will increase by 10% within the next few days. So far, $GFOX has increased by over 230% over the course of its presale and the token is expected to deliver almost 450% ROI for investors who have invested since stage 1 by the time the presale ends.



While Flare, Ronin and Galaxy Fox are all expected to rise significantly throughout this year, $GFOX is still preferred by many investors as it will most likely deliver the highest ROI. This is not far fetched because it’s currently in presale and sells for a relatively cheaper price than the other two tokens.

There’s a 15% discount if you join the Galaxy Fox ecosystem right now. Visit the website to sign up and join the telegram community for first hand information.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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