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Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), and Meme Moguls (MGLS): Which Cryptocurrency Offers the Best Utility?


As investors look for new opportunities, here are the top picks of 2024. Dogecoin, the infamous meme coin, and Ethereum have shown promising returns to investors with their recent boom. Meanwhile, at its five stage of the presale, Meme Moguls (MGLS) is causing a market buzz. With a significant surge of 225% in the first stage, Meme Moguls (MGLS) is set to become an investor favorite.

Elon Musk triggers a Dogecoin surge

Dogecoin is once again making headlines, thanks to the influential Elon Musk. The tech visionary behind Tesla liked an old post of his, consequently bringing a surge in the coin’s value. The resurfaced tweet on X is dated October 31, 2021. It advocates his affinity for the meme coin by stating, “Tuition is in dogecoin; you get a discount if you own a dog.” As a result, Dogecoin rode the waves of Musk’s tweets, sparking conversations around upcoming updates.

As crypto enthusiasts anticipate Dogecoin’s future, the meme coin witnesses a rise in its value. Experiencing a significant increase in its network activity, Dogecoin has been on the rise. In the past 24 hours, DOGE has surged by 1.16%.

However, DOGE experienced a drop of 1.52% in the past week. Dogecoin, also called the “people’s cryptocurrency,” is currently trading at $0.07988.

Ethereum developers provide a green signal on the Dencun upgrade

A significant milestone is upcoming for the leading blockchain platform, Ethereum. In a recent update, Ethereum core developer, Tim Beiko, took to Reddit to update enthusiasts regarding recent testing of the upcoming Dencun upgrade. The post states that the testing went well, and highlights the key point of the All Developer Execution Call.

ETH developers plan to set a launch date for the update on February 8. The much-awaited update is set to include many Ethereum improvement proposals (EIP), such as proto-dank sharding. It will also include alterations to Ethereum’s execution and consensus layers.

The Ethereum community eagerly awaits the update as the coin witnesses a price surge. In the past week, ETH rose by 3.45%. Similarly, showcasing a bullish pattern, in the past 24 hours, Ethereum experienced an uptick of 0.83%. The pioneering Ethereum token is currently trading hands at $2317.88.

Meme Mogul catches the investor’s eye

Investors in the market who are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing have set their eyes on Meme Moguls. Inspired by the moguls of the world who have left their mark, the Meme Moguls ecosystem allows investors to become moguls.

Leveraging the power of the $2.3 billion meme industry, and the community-driven crypto movement, the Meme Moguls ecosystem is a perfect match for those looking to enhance their meme trading skills.

With an in-platform game, the Meme Moguls ecosystem helps investors learn how to invest and grow their wealth. The stimulating investment game enables users to connect with friends virtually and play trading games. Through this players can learn investment strategies, win cash prizes and rewards, and much more.

The ecosystem allows users to play for fun as well as create prize pools. With gaming modes such as Beat the Market, players can try to outperform indexes such as the S&P 500. MGLS players can become moguls and monetize their trading expertise by increasing market rankings.

Moreover, with the P2E meme token, users can contribute their Meme Moguls tokens to the staking pool and earn rewards. Analysts predict a 100x return on this meme coin as it heads to the fifth stage of presale. At its current price of $0.0036, investors are enthusiastic about the $10,000 giveaway set to take place at the end of each MGLS presale.

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