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The social app Friendzone will start operations on the Polygon network this month

Friendzone, a promising social marketplace developed by a team composed of members from Band Protocol, Synthetix, and Koinly, is getting ready to start operations on the Polygon PoS blockchain on February 26th. 

This move marks a significant step forward for the platform, which aims to revolutionize the social applications space. 

In addition, Friendzone plans to expand its scope to Polygon zkEVM, another blockchain developed by the Polygon team, in the near future.

Friendzone’s collaboration with the Polygon network 

According to CEO and co-founder Kevin Lu, Friendzone consists of two main components. 

The surface level offers users a seamless experience to manage their connections and social activities, while the deeper level, known as LayerSocial, allows developers to create innovative applications by leveraging the platform’s social connections and data.

The platform has already recorded significant growth, with a registered user increase of over 600% from December to January. 

In addition, in the month of January alone, users have completed a total of 10,000 missions or activities. Despite being in the pre-launch phase, Friendzone has generated significant interest, with over 3,000 registrations already recorded. 

Initially, the progressive web application is only accessible to the Friendzone partner network, investors, and in-person event participants for early registrations.

The introduction of Friendzone comes after the successful launch of Friend.Tech in August. This previous initiative has garnered significant attention and activity by offering influencers a platform to monetize their networks through a chatroom-like service. 

However, the initial buzz around Friend.Tech has gradually faded, causing a decline of over 90% in its user base compared to its peak. Similarly, Stars Arena, another initiative introduced with great anticipation, has suffered a similar fate, losing momentum over time.

Despite these setbacks, Friendzone is not discouraged. Currently, the platform operates outside the chain, focusing on facilitating initial registrations and promoting social engagement. 

However, with the imminent integration with the Polygon network, Friendzone is ready to leverage blockchain technology to further enhance its offering.

He emphasizes that Friendzone is not just another social platform, but rather a dynamic ecosystem where users can connect and interact with various apps. Furthermore, the platform aims to collaborate with other applications throughout the year to foster the growth of its ecosystem.

The potential possibilities of Friendzone from integration with Polygon

Polygon, known for its scalability solutions and vibrant ecosystem, provides an ideal environment for the growth of Friendzone.

By leveraging Polygon’s infrastructure, Friendzone aims to offer users seamless and economically advantageous transactions, while also ensuring the scalability needed to accommodate its growing user base.

The decision to first launch on the Polygon PoS blockchain and then expand to Polygon zkEVM underscores Friendzone’s commitment to scalability and innovation. 

Polygon zkEVM, with its zero-knowledge proofs, offers greater privacy and efficiency, providing an additional level of security for social interactions and user data.

In addition, Friendzone’s LayerSocial opens up the possibility for developers to create custom applications that leverage the platform’s extensive social graph. From decentralized social networks to interactive games and collaboration tools, the potential applications are limitless. 

This collaborative approach not only promotes creativity, but also encourages community participation, fostering organic growth of the platform.

One of the main features that distinguishes Friendzone is its real-time adaptive price and reward distribution mechanism. 

By encouraging users’ commitment and contribution, Friendzone aims to promote vibrant online communities, where users are rewarded for their participation. This innovative approach not only encourages active user engagement but also helps build a loyal user base over time.

Conclusions: the challenges of the past do not intimidate the social app Friendzone

Despite the challenges faced in the past by similar initiatives, Friendzone remains optimistic about its prospects. With an experienced team at the helm and a clear vision of the future, the platform is well positioned to overcome obstacles and achieve long-term goals. 

In addition, learning from past experiences and focusing on user feedback, Friendzone is committed to providing a user-centered platform that meets the evolving needs of its community.

As Friendzone embarks on this new chapter, it is essential to recognize the broader implications of integrating with the Polygon network. Beyond its immediate impact on the social applications space, Friendzone’s foray into blockchain technology signals a broader trend towards decentralization and user empowerment.

By leveraging the intrinsic characteristics of blockchain, such as transparency, immutability, and decentralization, Friendzone aims to create a more inclusive and fair social ecosystem.

In conclusion, the upcoming launch of Friendzone on the Polygon network represents a significant milestone for both the platform and the broader blockchain community. With its innovative approach, robust infrastructure, and user-centric design, Friendzone is ready to redefine social networking in the decentralized era. 

As the platform prepares to go live, Friendzone is ready to make a bang in the social applications space and pave the way for a more decentralized and fair digital future.