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Bitcoin Under $45K Post-ADP Report; Render Contender Sees Strong Investment Activity


Bitcoin has been experiencing some tumultuous periods following the SEC Decision on Bitcoin ETFs, as it continues to move sideways. Elsewhere, in the AI niche, popular project Render has come across a new competitor by the name of InQubeta, which is a platform fostering the growth of AI startups through a unique and innovative platform.

ADP Report Issues

In case you weren’t aware, the ADP National Employment Report is a monthly report of economic data that tracks the level of private employment in the U.S. It is published by Automatic Data Processing and often has some kind of impact on market prices.

This time around, it seems the report may have made people a bit bearish, as BTC has now seen a brief dip in price. This is not surprising as the report has highlighted some unfortunate news, such as that job hires have been slowing down significantly, with not many new jobs being created. 

Overall, it seems now might not be the best time for BTC to be booming, considering other macro market conditions, and it might be best for all of us if we wait until the halving to make one big bullish push upward. Of course, it still remains a top ten cryptocurrency despite this frustration.

InQubeta Making A Name For Itself

Meanwhile, let’s turn our attention to InQubeta.

It is the leading AI platform in the market right now. InQubeta is pushing for a fresh angle in the crypto landscape, redefining the concept of AI platforms for the better. In case you weren’t aware, this groundbreaking platform introduces a radical approach to crypto investments by offering the average user fractional ownership opportunities in AI startups, making it a top crypto to buy for people who are interested in projects with strong innovation principles.

The main selling point of InQubeta’s approach is based on the best crypto to buy today for the long term – QUBE. This deflationary ERC20 token embodies a never-before-seen investment opportunity. In terms of details, a 2% tax on all buy and sell transactions is sent to a burn wallet, enhancing the token’s value over time. There’s also a 5% sell tax that contributes to a dedicated reward pool, enabling investors to reap rewards through token staking. Overall, it’s an ecosystem that was meticulously and carefully designed for growth, providing supporters with a tangible stake in the success of AI technology startups.

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Bitcoin still seems to be unsure of where to go at this point, as it fluctuates between $39K and $44k, with many investors forced to consider different BTC ETF Investment Strategies to gain an edge on the market. While BTC stays static though, smaller tokens are booming, with the AI giant InQubeta quickly growing and overshadowing the rest of the competition.

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