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ARK Predicts $2.3M Bitcoin Price If It Gains 19% of Assets; AI Crypto Presale Earns Investor Confidence


Ark Invest founder Cathie Wood recently predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) prices could rise as much as $2.3 million if the eleven institutions that met the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) ETF acceptance criteria allocate as much as 19% of their assets to it. 

The prediction was made in the Big Ideas 2024 research report and it explained how much impact the trillions of dollars being managed by firms like Fidelity, Grayscale, and BlackRock could have on BTC’s price. These mainstream financial firms control about $250 trillion worldwide. 

While investing in BTC ETFs is currently one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency space, InQubeta (QUBE) could enjoy more growth than BTC in the coming years. It’s one of the new DeFi projects launched in 2023 and it seeks to produce artificial intelligence (AI) investment opportunities that are more accessible than going through mainstream options. 

InQubeta’s presale has emerged as one of the top ICOs going on right now as it flies past the $8.9 million milestone. Early investors are currently up 220% and they’ll have earned 440% returns on their investments by the time tokens are distributed on exchanges. That’s when InQubeta’s real price growth is expected to start with some projections anticipating as much as 100x growth.

Best altcoins to buy now: InQubeta (QUBE) heats up as investor confidence grows

InQubeta has the potential to be one of the best DeFi cryptos ever launched thanks to the useful solution it gives people who don’t have access to mainstream investment firms. Many of these institutions have income and net worth requirements most people couldn’t dream of ever meeting. This creates an inefficient investment process that slows down the flow of capital to firms that need funding while reserving investment opportunities for only the top earners. 

InQubeta seeks to democratize this unfair system by providing an alternative way to acquire equity and other benefits from AI startups. Its blockchain is Ethereum-launched, giving it its parent network’s functionality and security. 

Here’s what InQubeta’s inventive investment process looks like: 

  • AI startups are evaluated to determine if they’re eligible to raise capital on the network
  • Companies that are approved get to create ERC20 coins, also called non-fungible tokens, that represent equity or reward-based opportunities
  • ERC20 coins are added to the NFT marketplace where users can learn more about the companies behind them and read expert opinions. They can invest in any of the AI startups by buying their ERC20 coins with QUBE
  • Tokens acquired on the NFT marketplace can be resold at any time in the future. Investors can check their worth in their InQubeta accounts

InQubeta investors can also earn huge profits by holding QUBE or staking to earn more. QUBE presently costs $0.0224 but could be worth a few dollars if it reaches the market cap of dog coins like Shiba Inu (SHIB) thanks to its 1.5 billion token cap. 

Bitcoin (BTC) set for exponential growth as assets flow into ETFs

Many Bitcoin price projections have prices reaching $160,000 this year, but Cathie Wood believes its prices could soar as high as $2.3 million. She points to the over $250 trillion being managed by firms that have now been approved to offer Bitcoin ETFs. 

According to an analysis performed by Ark Invest, investors could maximize their risk-adjusted returns by allocating about 19% of their portfolios to BTC. 

Bitcoin has historically been a profitable investment over five-year periods despite its volatility. Investors who have held onto their tokens that long have earned profits regardless of what prices they bought in. 


BTC and QUBE are two of the top cryptos to invest in right now given how high their prices could grow in the next couple of years. QUBE will likely win the race this year though given how undervalued its tokens are and the solutions it brings investors looking to be part of the AI revolution. 

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