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Game On! Why These GameFi Coins Are Pumping: $IMX, $AXS, $GFOX


Three notable GameFi tokens are turning heads in the crypto community for their performances: $IMX, $AXS, and $GFOX. Recently, $IMX saw a skyrocketing increase of more than 150% in one year and a notable 30-day jump of over 20%. Not to be outdone, $AXS posted a 7-day gain of more than 7%. While $GFOX has yet to launch, it’s already making a name for itself, with its presale hitting its $3M milestone in a short period of time.

For enthusiasts delving into virtual worlds or investors seeking promising ventures, these coins offer a pathway to the best NFTs to buy, transcending traditional investment boundaries. Let’s take a quick look at each of these good crypto to buy in this article.

$IMX: Game-Changer in GameFi

$IMX isn’t just an ordinary token. It’s the engine behind smooth transactions and lightning-fast NFT trading in the gaming world. It enables people to play games without the hassle of transaction delays or fees.

Immutable is all about making gamers’ experience smooth and enjoyable. Popular games like “Guild of Guardians” and “Gods Unchained” use its infrastructure, ensuring players can dive into immersive gameplay without interruptions. $IMX isn’t just changing the game; it’s setting the standard in gaming finance today.

$AXS: Leader in Blockchain-Based Gaming

$AXS stands out as one of the best GameFi coins today on the strength of the ecosystem it supports. Axie Infinity offers a unique play-to-earn model within the blockchain gaming space, and it has captured worldwide attention, especially among those looking for the best NFTs to buy.

With Axie Infinity, players can earn real rewards by participating in battles and other in-game activities. The strong community support, along with the game’s immersive and strategic gameplay, has pushed $AXS to the forefront of the GameFi universe. Its potential for both entertainment and financial gains makes it a standout option for those seeking rewarding NFT investments.

$GFOX: Play, Earn, and Invest in GameFi’s Future

Galaxy Fox is making waves in the GameFi world, quickly becoming the go-to for those looking for top NFTs to buy. The project introduces a web3 endless runner game where players can earn $GFOX based on their performance. Those who land in the top 20% on the leaderboard of each season stand to gain a portion of the $GFOX prize pool funded by half of the revenue generated by sales of in-game items.

The project makes use of NFTs in a unique way. While these are tradeable on secondary markets, they can also be used to enhance gameplay. Players can integrate these into their Galaxy Fox avatars to make them stronger, more agile, or faster. With better attributes, players have a higher chance of making it to the top and earning more rewards. Galaxy Fox also has a staking feature that provides passive income to holders.

Galaxy Fox is in its presale phase, and it has raised more than $3.3 million and sold more than 2.6 billion tokens so far. $GFOX can be purchased for $0.00198 per token at Stage 7, which is about to conclude as 99% of the tokens allotted for it are already sold. Stage 8 will see the token price increase to $0.002178, which means now’s the best time to buy in. 


Galaxy Fox stands out as a top choice for the best NFTs to buy, and its presale is a chance to join a growing community passionate about GameFi. The project combines fun gameplay with real rewards, making it more than just a game—it’s an investment. If you’d like to know more about the project, visit their website or join their Telegram channel.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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