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The crypto PIXEL debuts on Binance with an airdrop to the first users of the gaming platform

The PIXEL crypto has just been launched on the Binance exchange on several trading pairs, accompanied by an airdrop to the gaming project community that is attracting a lot of attention among the crypto audience.

Binance users had the opportunity to farm new PIXEL tokens through the launchpool initiative, which ended yesterday to make way for the listing on the cryptocurrency market.

Below are all the details.

What is the Pixels game and what is the purpose of the PIXEL token?

The latest cryptographic project launched on Binance is Pixels: it is an innovative game based on blockchain and crypto in a “farm management” style, where users can engage in playful activities such as cultivating and caring for crops, decorating the land’s crops, talking to village inhabitants, completing missions and more, all with a “pixelated” graphic interface. 

The game also has a purely social component, with the possibility of interacting with other small farmers.

Launched initially on the Polygon network, a well-known solution for Ethereum scalability, and later migrated to Ronin at the end of 2023, Pixels has captured the attention of play-to-earn gaming enthusiasts in recent months, achieving very high engagement.

Also thanks to a crypto airdrop that boosted network traffic, Pixels appears to be the third most used gameFi protocol in terms of “active users” last week.

The Pixels ecosystem is made up of 4 elements that integrate perfectly:

  • Play-to-Earn (P2E): by playing, you have the opportunity to earn cryptographic tokens that can be spent in real life. 
  • NFT Farm Land: the game features a house and a farm owned by the player in the Pixel metaverse. Users benefit from unique advantages associated with a ownership relationship with the land that is not found in other platforms.
  • Customization: Pixel Farm Land owners can customize their farm based on their progress in the game. NFT
  • Web3 Reputation: the platform combines on-chain data and gaming data to better understand users within Pixel.

Playing is free and only requires a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the Ronin network, such as Metamask, and an email address/phone number.

However, there are paid NFT land plots that allow unlocking premium features in the game. In addition, holders of certain NFT projects, including Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pudgy Penguins, can use their owned profile picture characters (PFP) as game avatars.

There is also an optional VIP pass unlockable through a payment in RON crypto, which is the native cryptocurrency of the Ronin network.

Regarding the PIXEL token, just launched on Binance, we can say that it is an ERC-20 asset, usable within the gaming project to purchase items, power-ups, and aesthetic improvements.

With the PIXEL crypto, users can also purchase VIP PASSES, buy game coins, mint new NFTs, generate guild memberships.

It is also worth noting how PIXEL tokens will be distributed to all platform users who until recently had the “BERRY” currency, through a predetermined exchange rate.

BERRY has been described by the community as a “weak currency” and only usable for things like buying and selling grown items. Now that PIXEL has been created, BERRY will become completely obsolete.

Listing on Binance and major crypto exchanges for PIXEL along with an airdrop to the community

As announced, the crypto PIXEL made its debut on the cryptographic markets with a planned listing on Binance and on the major centralized exchanges in the sector.
In particular, other markets where you can trade the currency are Kucoin, Htx, Bitmart, Bitmex, Gate.io, Mexc, and Bitrue.

On Binance, which represents the largest crypto exchange in the world for recorded volumes, PIXEL was listed at 10.00 UTC (11 Italian time) on 5 different trading pairs, namely PIXEL/BTC, PIXEL/USDT, PIXEL/BNB, PIXEL/FDUSD and PIXEL/TRY.

The platform, before launching the new farming game token, gave its users the opportunity to participate in the typical incentive initiative “launchpool”, with which to earn new coins simply by staking resources such as FDUSD and BNB.

The launchpool officially ended on February 18th at 23.59 UTC, with participants earning a total of 350,000,000 PIXEL, equivalent to 7% of the total supply of 5 billion PIXEL tokens.

The Pixels project, in order to incentivize the flow of new users, has carried out a couple of “play-to-airdrop” campaigns, promising potential future earnings to the community.

 In total, 20,000 player wallets were minted in the first round in 2023, with another 8,000 wallets selected in January 2024 before the token launch

Furthermore, just a few days ago another round of airdrop was announced involving the stakers of the new crypto RON, native to the Ronin network.

The game team has indeed announced a surprise airdrop last Saturday, catching all its stakeholders off guard.

With the snapshot taken on February 8th and the claims already available (but with withdrawal times of 3 days), the project will reward a total of 20 million RON to the stakers in two waves, with a maximum of 3,955 PIXEL distributed to each eligible wallet.

At the time of writing, PIXEL is trading at a price of 0.52 dollars on Binance and 0.73 dollars on Kucoin. The price spread will continue to narrow in the coming hours as users take advantage of the arbitrage opportunity.

Using Binance’s price as a reference, we can state that the cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of 386 million dollars.

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Alessandro Adami
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