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$ARB, $OP & $MATIC — Which Layer 2 Will Dominate? And Can $GFOX Steal the GameFi Crown?


Inflows to Bitcoin ($BTC) have whet investors appetites for future Ethereum ($ETH) ETF inflows. $ETH has a fundamentally better monetary policy and has been deflationary since the Merge in September 2022. But crypto investors are always looking to eek the most juice out of a trade, and now the race is on to find the best $ETH beta play of the cycle. 

$ETH betas perform in alignment but with a multiplier. The classic examples are scaling solutions and small caps native to Ethereum. What cryptos to buy now? The answer should be obvious. Arbitrum ($ARB), Optimism ($OP), and Polygon ($MATIC). Which layer 2 will dominate? Can the underdog beta play Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) steal the GameFi crown?

The Layer 2 Race: $ARB, $OP, and $MATIC 

Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade heads to mainnet next month, and the central innovation is EIP-4844. This upgrade creates a new transaction type known as a blob. Blobs are designed explicitly for rollups and will offer them cheaper data availability. In simple terms, DA costs (the main cost for rollup providers) will get slashed by orders of magnitude. Resulting in a massive reduction in gas fees for end users. 

Who will be the largest net beneficiary of this upgrade? Arbtirum has solidified its position as the dominant layer 2 from a TVL and activity perspective. It has the richest ecosystem, and when it comes to $ETH leaving centralized exchanges and heading into DeFi, Arbtirum is a black hole. It has over $5 billion on its network, and Optimism, the closest competitor, has $1.2 billion. In crypto, network effects have oversized effects, and the Dencun upgrade will supercharge both $ARB’s and $OP’s value proposition for end users.

What about Polygon? Despite being a top crypto to invest in the last bull run, it has been severely underperforming its rivals this year. Polygon’s zkEVM chain will benefit from Dencun, but the main PoS Matic chain will not. Polygon’s team has done fantastic work in the ZK rollup space, but their efforts have been uncoordinated, and the narrative is not yet ready. What cryptos to buy now for the $ETH beta trade? $ARB and $OP. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Stealing GameFi Crown 

Galaxy Fox is the darkhorse $ETH beta play, and this small-cap exists in a league of its own regarding upside potential. The increasing cohesion of the mobile app GameFi narrative has fueled its rally, and investors are waking up to the fact that this cycle’s smash hit blockchain-based games will be simple mobile app-like games. 

At the heart of this ecosystem is an endless runner reminiscent of Temple Run, but in classic Web3 style, it comes with financial incentives. Galaxy Fox pays out prizes at the end of each season, and anybody in the top 20% of the leaderboard wins prizes that they can exchange for $GFOX tokens. NFT functionality has been built on top, and those holding a member of Galaxy Fox’s NFT collection unlock unique in-game advantages. 

Turning gaming acumen into real cash is a value proposition that Web2 applications cannot compete with. Additionally, the Galaxy Fox ecosystem opens up a wealth of earning opportunities. The Stargate module channels payouts to stakers; these rewards align with ecosystem activity. More growth means bigger payouts and $GFOX ownership is more akin to stakeholder status.

The token burn periodically removes tokens from circulation, ensuring a deflationary nature and $GFOX’s memecoin wrapper gives it that explosive upside potential that shines during bullish sentiment. The presale has already raised over $3.5 million, and $GFOX is one of the top 5 cryptos to buy now for investors bullish on GameFi, Ethereum, and memecoins. 

Closing Thoughts: $ETH-Beta Trade In Full Swing

The Ethereum beta trade is beginning, and investors do not want to be late to the party. What cryptos to buy now? $ARB and $OP are way ahead of $MATIC, and the $GFOX is the underdog coming for the GameFi crown.

There has never been a better time to buy Galaxy Fox, and with its presale already 92% sold out, the window to become an early adopter is closing fast. Want to back an underdog this cycle? Join the $GFOX presale today. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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