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Event for Web3 professionals at ETHDenver

Epic Web3 is having ETH Infra Day, a one-day technical event for builders dedicated to Ethereum Infrastructure Web3 developers, founders, and enthusiasts.

📝Keynotes and workshops from NEAR, Starkware, Oasis Network, Hexens, Subquery Network and Fleek.

💬Panel discussions with Co-Founders and C-Level executives:

  • Nick White, COO @ Celestia
  • Brandon Truong, co-founder @ Zetachain
  • Bobbin Threadbare, co-founder @ Polygon
  • Mamy André-Ratsimbazafy, Head of Proof Systems @ Taiko
  • Jan Gorzny, Co-founder @ Zircuit
  • Dmitriy Ryajov, Founder and Lead @ Codex
  • Leona Hioki, Co-founder @ INTMAX
  • Ben Jones,  СMO @ P1X Labs
  • Ben Roy, CEO @ Noves

💡Ask builders session – free consultation! ​Grab a 15-minute slot with one of our experts to clarify your doubts, troubleshoot challenges, exchange ideas, or simply gather insights.

🗺️March 1, Denver, Space Gallery

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