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Lionel Messi in the crypto world: on March 1st he will reveal the JTP RWA of Planet

Lionel Messi continues to take the field even for the crypto world: this time, the football legend will be a guest of the Planet project (PLANET), unveiling the first launch of the new asset Join-the-Planet (JTP RWA). 

Lionel Messi guest of the crypto Planet project to unveil the new launch of JTP RWA

The world-famous soccer star, Lionel Messi, is once again a guest of a new crypto project: Planet (PLANET).

And indeed, on the first of March 2024, Messi will be ready to unveil the launch of “Join the Planet” (JTP RWA), the new tokenized real asset (Real-World Asset or RWA). 

The value of the RWA chain has grown by 1.05 billion dollars in 2023″. 2024 will be EPIC with the launch of our #RWA with Lionel Messi arriving in less than 4 days

Are you ready, #Planeteers Due to the recent wave of announcements, we have decided to launch the airdrop! Eligible users can now check their allocation. → https://pIanetrefi.com/register. Registration active for 24 hours.

Just to give a sense of “legendary”, Planet wanted to involve the world champion of soccer for the announcement of the launch of its new RWA. 

This RWA “Join the PLANET” will be exclusively available for sale on Planetrefi.com and will not be available elsewhere. This will benefit the PLANET community who will have the first opportunity to access these revolutionary real-world assets. 

Lionel Messi in the crypto sector: the turn of the Planet project

PLANET is a platform for tokenizing RWA that integrates dynamic Web3 solutions with the solid RWA market, to create high returns and promote sustainable growth.

Basically, real-world assets or RWAs have tangible value, such as gold, real estate, cars, currencies, commodities, credits or fine arts, which are then tokenized, inserted into the blockchain and converted into digital tokens. 

These tokens can then be efficiently exchanged online, allowing liquidity, greater accessibility, and fractional ownership of these assets.

The new launch of JTP RWA marks the first major step towards Planet’s platform goal of disrupting a $16 trillion market.

The Planet project also has its own native crypto PLANET which, at the time of writing, is worth $0.00013. The news of Lionel Messi’s involvement has caused a price pump of +30% for PLANET in the last seven days. The transaction volume in the last 24 hours has also increased by +30%.

Collaboration with Bitget

Recently, the crypto-exchange Bitget wanted to commemorate the second anniversary of its collaboration with Messi. For the event, Bitget published a video on its official website.

The goal for Bitget is to highlight the shared values with the football star, such as “no progress is too small”, “perseverance” and “positive passion”. 

Basically, Bitget intends to use the same mindset as Messi, for whom his career has been an example of constant growth, with development and success through constant commitment. In fact, both believe that every step taken contributes to a larger goal. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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