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Pyth Network launches real-time market data on Hedera: a milestone for DeFi

Pyth Network, a leading provider of real-time market data for blockchain applications, has announced a significant development in its collaboration with Hedera for DeFi. 

The open-source and proof-of-stake public master book will now host over 400 Pyth price feeds, marking a fundamental step forward in bringing accurate and timely financial data to decentralized applications.

Pyth Network x Hedera: a step forward in the DeFi sector

This move, presented in a press release on February 26, underlines the growing importance of reliable market data within the blockchain ecosystem. 

Grace Pfluger, director of business development at the HBAR Foundation, emphasized the importance of oracle’s public price feeds, stating: “Oracle’s public price feeds are a critical component for growth, as lending is often seen as the cornerstone of economic behavior”. 

Pfluger emphasized that this infrastructure milestone will catalyze the development of innovative financial tools on Hedera.

The Pyth price feeds will cover a wide range of assets, including cryptocurrencies, currencies, commodities, stocks, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This extensive coverage will allow Hedera users and developers to access the latest price updates with very low latency. 

By leveraging a pull oracle design, the integration of Pyth with Hedera ensures that real-time market data is readily available for various applications.

A notable feature offered by Pyth’s price feeds is the confidence interval, which provides information on ongoing volatility and market dislocations. This information is valuable for downstream protocols, which can make informed decisions in dynamic market conditions.

The first to adopt Pyth data feeds: HLiquity

HLiquity, a decentralized lending protocol built on Hedera, is one of the first to adopt Pyth data feeds. By integrating with Pyth, HLiquity enhances its ability to accurately track asset prices, ensuring overcollateralization of user vaults and maintaining protocol stability. 

This integration reflects the increasing demand for reliable data sources within DeFi ecosystems.

Pyth Network’s expansion on Hedera follows its recent launch of price feeds for Bitcoin ETFs, demonstrating its commitment to providing diversified financial data to decentralized finance platforms. 

By offering a wider range of assets and market insights, Pyth aims to enrich portfolio options, strengthen risk management strategies, and improve liquidity within decentralized ecosystems.

The announcement comes in conjunction with important developments within the Hedera network. In January 2024, the global board of directors of Hedera approved the allocation of 4.86 billion HBAR, equivalent to approximately 408 million dollars, for further development initiatives and improvements to decentralized governance. 

This investment underlines Hedera’s commitment to promoting innovation and consolidating its position as a leading blockchain platform.

As blockchain technology continues to revolutionize the financial landscape, the integration of real-time market data becomes increasingly essential.
With the launch of Pyth Network on Hedera, decentralized applications gain access to a reliable source of financial information, unlocking new possibilities for innovation and growth in the DeFi space.


In conclusion, the integration of real-time market data from Pyth Network into Hedera marks a significant advancement in decentralized finance. 

With over 400 price feeds covering a wide range of assets, this collaboration enhances the accessibility and reliability of financial information within blockchain ecosystems. The confidence interval feature allows protocols to effectively navigate market dynamics. 

As demonstrated by the integration of HLiquity, the demand for accurate data feeds is evident and drives innovation and stability of DeFi platforms. Furthermore, thanks to Hedera’s commitment to development and governance, this partnership is poised to catalyze further advancements in blockchain technology. 

With the evolution of the decentralized finance landscape, the availability of high-quality market data becomes increasingly crucial and the collaboration between Pyth Network and Hedera sets a promising precedent for the future of decentralized applications and financial infrastructure.