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Bitcoin Faces 40% Correction Risk While InQubeta Could Surge 1,460%, Analyst Predicts


The Bitcoin (BTC) rally in Q1 has been on an upward trajectory, hitting thrilling heights and raising optimism for a bull run in the overall crypto market. Several analysts have come up with future predictions for the token, but one that proposes an upheaval of this exciting course has caught investors’ attention. A leading technical analyst has predicted a 40% dip in the token’s DeFi coin price, hinting at a dramatic turn in the market.

The predictions in the market are not all negative, as the upcoming AI-centric token, InQubeta (QUBE), is also attracting investors, as a top analyst predicts a whopping 1,460% increase in the token’s price. This project has gained prominence and a large fan base due to its exciting standout features. This article explores the signals hinting at a potential dip in the BTC price while highlighting the features with which QUBE could deliver on a predicted surge and offer generational wealth.

InQubeta (QUBE): The Leading AI Crypto Coin

Predictions for this emerging crypto highlight its exciting features and an upcoming rally, as an anonymous analyst predicts a 1,460% increase for the token. InQubeta offers a one-of-a-kind investment experience, allowing token holders to support AI tech startups using fractional investments that mutually benefit users and businesses. The platform provides a crowdfunding service that requires each company to mint their opportunities into trending NFTs (non-fungible tokens) so that users can purchase them without worrying about financial constraints. 

InQubeta has launched a thriving presale that is now in its eighth stage, selling each QUBE token at $0.0245 apiece. With only two stages left, the platform has raised over $10.4 million, selling over 831 million tokens. From its initial price of $0.007, the presale has delivered returns of over 264% to early-stage investors. Those who get in at this stage are guaranteed at least a 20% increase by the time InQubeta launches at a proposed DeFi coin price of $0.0308. Buyers can claim a 15% bonus using the “QUBE 15” promo code.

The emerging crypto is set to deliver even more rewards to participants. Token holders can earn rewards from a dedicated pool by staking their QUBE. The pool is funded by a 2% buy and 5% sell tax, boosting the token’s demand and potentially its value. The trending NFTs can also be traded within the platform’s P2P marketplace. These features set InQubeta apart, making it even more probable to hit the predicted heights.

Bitcoin (BTC): Potential Price Correction Looming

With the Bitcoin halving approaching quickly, analysts and investors eagerly anticipate a price rally predicted to hit $100k in the long run. A recent prediction from Robert Kiyosaki, a top financial author, further enhances this expected rise, causing an optimistic outlook for traders. In contrast, top analyst Michaël Van De Poppe has predicted a significant dip that could cause BTC to tumble from its current pedestal.

The controversial prediction for an imminent Bitcoin price correction was mainly based on market sentiment. Van De Poppe acts as a lookout, reminding the general market that the collective euphoria would likely lead to a fall following the rapid surge to over $55k. On the positive side, Michaël’s prediction also points to a potential surge of the token’s DeFi coin price to $150k following the price correction.


Michaël’s Van De Poppe’s analysis of BTC shows the effects of heightened market sentiment, hinting at a potential 40% price correction before a future rally. He suggests that long-term investors wait out this impending dip and buy at lower rates. Alternatively, the predictions for the InQubeta are promising, with a potential 1,460% surge. Investors are eagerly buying the token’s presale, preparing to diversify their portfolios at discounted rates and build generational wealth using this AI token.

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