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The crypto projects exceed 90 billion dollars in funding: an absolute record

In the dynamic crypto landscape, the trend of funding in new projects is a fundamental barometer of the sector’s growth and investor confidence. 

Starting from this month, cumulative investments in projects related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain have surpassed an impressive milestone, exceeding $90 billion in all-time funding. 

This significant result highlights the attractiveness and potential of this expanding sector.

A significant step towards the expansion of the crypto sector: the increase in funding for projects

Following these funding dynamics is essential to understand the evolution of the financial landscape of the crypto space. 

The Block Research, one of the leading authorities in monitoring capital flows within the sector since 2017, has provided valuable insights on this remarkable milestone.

With more than 50 new projects receiving substantial investments in the month of February alone, the momentum of funding in the cryptocurrency sphere shows no signs of slowing down.

Key investors and venture capitalists like Animoca Brands and Polychain Capital have played a crucial role in fueling this wave of capital infusion in the sector. Their contributions, along with those of numerous other stakeholders, highlight the variety of opportunities present in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The director of The Block Research, John Dantoni, rightly observes the encouraging trends evident in the current state of venture funding in the blockchain sector.

Although the absolute numbers have not experienced a dramatic surge, sustained momentum and strategic investments highlight a growing confidence in the long-term vitality of the sector and its potential for innovation.

The classification of these funding announcements into distinct segments provides a comprehensive overview of the different areas attracting investments in the crypto landscape. 

From web3 and infrastructures to decentralized finance (DeFi), to non-fungible tokens (NFT), to games and more, investors are actively seeking opportunities in various niches of the blockchain space.

230 financing operations since the beginning of 2024

Since the beginning of 2024, over 230 operations have been reported, totaling almost 1.3 billion dollars in investments. In particular, the majority of funding has been allocated to DeFi projects, infrastructures, NFTs, games and web3, highlighting the growing importance of these segments within the industry.

The venture capitalists and investors who participated in these funding rounds represent a wide range of skills and interests. Animoca Brands, Polychain Capital, Framework Ventures, and Shima Capital are among the prominent names that have contributed to the growth and innovation of the sector.

A particularly noteworthy investment this month involved the co-founder of Tether and Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko, who participated in a $25 million Series A funding round for Oobit, a cryptocurrency mobile payments company.

These high-profile investments underline the growing acceptance and mainstream adoption of blockchain-based solutions in various sectors.

Despite the impressive number of agreements, it is worth noting that most funding announcements have fallen below the $10 million threshold. 

On one hand, this may indicate a trend towards small-scale investments, but on the other hand, the significant influx of capital highlights the sustained interest of investors in the sector.

Since 2017, more than 9,500 investments have been announced in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, further highlighting its resilience and innovation capabilities. 

This cumulative figure reflects the lasting appeal and potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize various aspects of finance, technology, and beyond.


In conclusion, the milestone of over $90 billion in historical funding for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects represents a resounding vote of confidence in the sector’s potential. 

With different segments like DeFi, NFTs, and web3 attracting substantial investments, the ecosystem demonstrates resilience and innovation. Despite a stable number of transactions, the predominance of small-scale investments suggests a cautious but optimistic approach by investors. 

High-profile funding rounds, such as the recent investment in Oobit, highlight the growing mainstream acceptance of blockchain solutions. As blockchain technology continues to disrupt traditional sectors and promote new paradigms, monitoring funding trends remains essential to understanding the industry’s trajectory. 

With over 9,500 investments since 2017, the cumulative figure reflects the enduring appeal and transformative power of blockchain technology. Looking ahead, the cryptocurrency space appears poised for continued growth, innovation, and widespread adoption on a global scale.